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If you’ve been employed or are seeking your first job straight out of college, it is essential to make yourself stand out of the pack. Besides your primary qualifications and job experience, employers will surely look fondly upon extracurricular courses their employees bring into the company. For the labor seeking to improve their employability in today’s time, it has become increasingly popular and realistic to look for courses to advance their career prospects over the internet.

Our primary education is focused on the handling and execution of teaching us the required skills to secure a position in our respected fields. Professional degrees such as law and accountancy will show you everything there is a person needs to know to work in the area. Still, it doesn’t teach other essential skills that could further your career and make you a valuable employee. These skills include critical thinking, leadership, decision making, and public speaking.
The problem arises not only for fresh graduates but for employees thinking of a career jump mid-way through their professional lives. But they can’t afford to, not necessarily monetarily, but due to lack of time on their hands. For most people, this is an arduous endeavor to undergo.

Below we will cover some of the more popular courses that can help give your career the boost it desperately needs:

High-Level Technical Courses

Just as the internet is a market place for all of the world’s businesses, the devices that drive us to the internet are essential. Computers, laptops, and other smart devices are all around us and are the necessary ingredients for everyday living. A couple of hours without internet, an unknown error, a misplaced file, or an email was not sent on time can result in multiple hours of spent in solving an issue that could’ve been resolved within a few minutes.

Having grasp over the fundamental theories behind Microsoft’s Office software such as Excel and PowerPoint could not only save you a few hours but put your colleagues at ease too. Figuring out how a network of printers works or specializing in web development, code or into a professional photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop are valuable technical skills to have in the modern office which span across multiple professions. All of these skills can be further looked into most online  edd sites.

Communication Skills

In all workplaces around the world, to get any sort of work done, there needs to be a clear channel of communication. It’s not only imperative for dishing out orders, but for motivating employees and yourself. To get across your envisioned strategies effectively. Having practical communication skills, e.g., in public speaking, can help get messages across to colleagues and superiors clearly and concisely without any ambiguities and without the risk of sounding foolish. It is especially vital for employees in foreign language countries. There are popular courses on communication skills available on the internet, which could help turn even the shyest of employees into silver-tongued communicators.

Leadership and Management

In every office around the world, professionals are looked upon for their leadership skills. Especially in times where the pressure to deliver is on a high, rallying the troops and making sure the deliverables are met is a sign of good leadership. Not only is it an essential skill, but it’s also the one that probably sets you apart from the rest the most.
Some people are natural-born leaders, while that may be true; the fundamentals can still be learned. Be able to understand how to manage employees, their expectations, getting the best out of individuals and making them work as a team. It is vital to know how to lead if you’re vowing for higher managerial positions or a promotion. Not only will this give the company and seniors have more faith in promoting, you know you can lead effectively.

The Art of Mastering SEO and Social Media

In the golden age of the internet, there is no other market place that is as active 24/7 as social media and e-commerce. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Instagram, Google, you name it; every website is fighting for your attention. Even in 2020, people still haven’t grasped social media to its extent. There are tools, and tricks of the trade that can enhance one’s world view on the cogs that spins the wheels of social media.

-What makes a search show specific websites?

-Why do some posts do better than others?
-How can companies promote to a host of customers unaware of their presence?

All important questions that can be answered. Taking a course on social media, learning how to extract information from the data drawn from engagements, and applying it to your needs can bolster up your skillset like no other. Learning what makes the audience tick is a trick that few have mastered and is worth learning in the digital age.

Negotiation and Persuasion

It is not necessary that a person needs to know how to persuade and woo his clients. It takes a lot to figure out how much value you assign to your work and making sure to get the same respect from the company. Being a better negotiator can assist in any profession; it is a valuable skill from the interview through the process of climbing up the ladder. It helps to know what market value of your position, and how to leverage it into your favor.
Be it in negotiating for a raise or a promotion, having a firm grasp over negotiation tactics will assist in advancing your career. There are numerous courses online for those who find it a tad bit tedious to look at their employers in the eye and make demands.


Going back to university full time may indeed seem like a complicated, burdensome task due to being indulged in your own professional life. However, applying for a couple of courses online or enrolling in evening classes at your local college can be the difference-maker for the trajectory of your career. Making an effort to invest in yourself, polishing your skillsets, venturing into new territories can make the most significant difference for your career and your personality as well.