You Really Do Glow When You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy can present many challenges, from lingering exhaustion to unexpected pains and discomfort. Some moms-to-be joke that the infamous pregnancy glow is only a sheen of sweat from morning sickness or the added effort of carrying around those extra pounds. Pregnancy can enhance your beauty during this special time in many genuine ways.

That Gorgeous Mane of Hair


Image via Flickr by The 5th Ape

During the second trimester, your hair will probably start looking thicker and more luxurious. If you’re starting to feel like a model from a shampoo commercial, rest assured that the resemblance isn’t imagined. You’re not growing more hair during this time, but you lose far less. All those little stray hairs that would normally escape stay firmly rooted during pregnancy, giving you an admirable mane.

Truly Radiant Skin

The infamous pregnancy glow isn’t completely imagined. You get a more radiant look around the second trimester. Scientifically, this radiance is due to an increase of blood volume that brings blood closer to the skin. However, you may also look a bit brighter because you’ll begin feeling better during this time.

Discomforts, such as morning sickness, typically abate by this point, and the swollen ankles and overly large belly of the third trimester have yet to appear. You’re in that sweet spot where you look more pregnant than fat, but you’re not quite waddling yet.

A Different Complexion

Some of the purported pregnancy glow may also be the result of increased oil production as your hormone levels change. While this hormonal change may give you a soft shine, it can also be troublesome. Some women experience acne flare-ups as a result.

To keep your skin clear, switch to an oil-free cleanser during your pregnancy. You should also apply sunscreen more diligently than ever, as your skin will become more sensitive and your skin cancer risk increases during this time. Sun exposure can also cause a skin discoloration known as melasma, which isn’t the type of glow you want.

Enhanced Curves

Pregnancy offers softer and more alluring curves that many women enjoy. Although this curve development begins with breast tenderness in the first trimester, or earlier if you’re using fertility treatments or consulting a fertility specialist, it will later give way to larger breasts. You can grow as much as a full cup size during your pregnancy.

Longer Nails

If you love the look of long nails, you may love how your hands look during pregnancy. Nails often grow faster when you’re pregnant, and some women report having stronger nails as well. Diligently downing your prenatal vitamins will enhance this effect. If you find your nails become brittle instead of strong, make sure your diet includes enough biotin to meet your new needs. You can get this nutrient from eggs, nuts, milk, bananas, and whole grains.

Pregnancy comes with many undeniable changes to your appearance. Although you may struggle at times with your changing shape, keep in mind the many beautiful benefits of this time. Rock these beauty perks of pregnancy like the glowing mama you are.