Your Norway Northern Lights Vacation

The natural phenomenon called Aurora Borealus or Polar Lights can be observed in both Arctic and Antarctic regions in a number of places around the world. It usually happens in the night sky, and the different color lights look phenomenal against the dark background. Interestingly, Northern Lights are a type of Aurora Borealis which happen near the North Pole. Apart from countries like Canada or Scotland, Northern Lights in Norway, and other Scandinavian countries also offer grand, life-altering experiences, which usually feature as a bucket list activity. No wonder, people travel far and wide to witness it. Read on to know more about places where you can observe Northern Lights in Norway.

1. Svalbard

There isn’t much North left further than Svalbard. This Arctic island is between the 74th and 81st parallel and is undoubtedly one of the best places to see the surreal Northern Lights. A lot of people also come to see the Polar Night, a period between mid-November and early January, when Svalbard does not see daylight and is in a permanent state of spooky blue twilight.

 2. The Lofoten Islands

In the Norwegian Sea, way above the circle that marks the Arctic region, the Lofoten offer another great abode to not just see the green shimmers of the Northern Lights but also hear their unreal sounds. In the more conventional viewing places such as Scotland and Northern Canada, the sounds of the Aurora are often lost in the din of civilisation. Not so with Lofoten. You can also bring out your cameras for brilliant shots of the Lights being reflected off the water on beaches of Flakstadøy and Vestvågøy here.

3. Trondheim

Don’t want to leave civilization? Go to Trondheim. Besides being known as the quintessential university town with excellent Norwegian food and culture (especially that of bicycles), Trondheim is also one place where you can enjoy the great Northern Lights show. Again, it is completely possible to view the Lights from within the city limits. However, the brightness and contrast of the colors increase the further away from the city you go.

4. Tromso

The town of Tromso is often called the capital of the Arctic area, and because about 217 miles into the Arctic, it offers one of the best opportunities to experience the freaky and beautiful Northern Lights. The biggest city in the northern regions of Norway, there are plenty of northern lights camps and safaris that depart from here. Things like dog sledding and snowmobile rides are also popular here.

 5. Alta


The city of Alta is located between mountain peaks and is shielded from the harsh cold that many of the coastal cities on this list experience. Its extreme northern latitude also makes it one of the prime locations for viewing the Lights. Also, the mountain peaks on the horizon provide a spectacular contrast making for some really gorgeous snaps of the Lights and the mountains.

If you too wish to witness the natural wonder of Northern Lights,  Norway is the perfect country for that. So, when are you planning your trip?