More Than Just Food Delivery : Fundraising With Schwan’s Cares

Schwan's Logo

You probably already know that Schwan’s is a company in the U.S that delivers frozen, delicious food right to your door. You might already know that this business started way back in 1952. But what you probably didn’t know is that Schwan’s offers fundraising through their program Schwan’s Cares, for schools or churches and animal shelters for example. Before I tell you about that I will let you know that Schwan’s sent me a sampler of their best selling foods {Read More}

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day

Easy Rainbow Cupcakes

I recently bought an All You magazine at the checkout at Walmart. I saw the cover and thought what a cute idea! Thinking it would be hard to make I looked at the recipe and saw that it is actually incredibly easy! I am not posting a recipe because you basically need frosted cupcakes. My buttercream was tinted with Wilton Gel Sky Blue. Then it was simply adding the sour power candy (which I got 8/$1 at Dollar General) by {Read More}

Valentine Cake Mix Cookie Treats


I took a cue from my holiday cookies and decided to experiment with other cake flavors to try and make some cute Valentine inspired treats. Very easy recipe and you don’t really HAVE to cut the cookies into hearts if you don’t want to…I am just OCD like that I used strawberry Supreme and Red Velvet both from Duncan Hines. I am brand loyal because this brand is also recommended by Wilton. Just remember all you {Read More}

Copycat Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls


  I’ve had a love affair with Cinnabon for a few years, exacerbated by the fact that my sister from another mister, Toni from A Daily Dose of Toni, and I have met up in person a few times and each time we have talked about having Cinnabon for eachother. One trip to Pensacola, I actually DID bring her some from the Airport Ever since that trip I have been trying recipe after recipe to try {Read More}

Chizzle Drizzle Cookies

chizzle drizzle cookies

I had to come up with one more cookie recipe and all I had were baking chips. I almost made some frankencookies by adding whatever chips I had but ended up using white and milk chocolate chips in the dough and then drizzled chocolate on the top. I couldn’t think of a name that sounded good so I relied on my humor and Snoop Dogg to come up with the name   Using a fork, drizzle {Read More}

Stained Glass Cookies

Stained Glass Cookies

Usually a Christmas staple, these cookies can actually be made to fit any occasion, it all depends on the color of your candies! The recipe is pretty much a straight sugar cookie recipe just the centers cut out and crushed candy put in!   Stained Glass Cookies Prep time 20 mins Cook time 11 mins Total time 31 mins   Serves: 36 Ingredients 1½ C. Granulated white sugar 1 C. Unsalted butter, room temp 1 TSP. {Read More}

Swedish Butter Cookies

swedish butter cookies

I decided this year to try cookie recipes that aren’t the usual cookies and came across this recipe from The Food Network. I didn’t realize that I only had pink and blue sugars so instead of holiday-ish they turned into possibly baby shower cookies? The best part about these cookies is that they have cardamom in them and this makes a perfect hot tea dipping cookie that makes your tea taste like Chai tea! I used {Read More}

Butter Coconut Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Butter Coconut Strawberry jam Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are fun but adding toasted coconut sends them to a whole ‘nother level! Butter Coconut Strawberry Jam Thumbprint Cookies Prep time 15 mins Cook time 15 mins Total time 30 mins   Serves: 36 Ingredients 2 C. Flour ½ TSP. Salt ½ TSP. baking powder ¾ C. unsalted butter ⅔ C. + ½ C. granulated sugar, divided 1 egg 1 C. Toasted Coconut 1 TSP. Vanilla Extract ⅓ C. Strawberry Jam or Preserves Instructions {Read More}