I’m Having An Affair With A Galaxy Note 3


It started innocently enough. Verizon has been having me test out devices for months but this time I didn’t have a clue which device was headed my way. I knew it was probably one of the big screen phones I discussed with my man, “AL”. I opened the package and saw that wooden box with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shining at me and said “SWEET!” It’s my catchphrase. What can I say, I am forever a teenager. When I held {Read More}

Samsung ATIV Odyssey Windows Phone Review #Verizon


Having been a user of a Windows Phone since last January, I am most definitely no stranger to the operating system. While I have nothing horrible to say about Windows Phones, I do have an opinion on the devices. I received my first Windows Phone last year as part of another blogger program. Back then there just wasn’t a lot of great apps. It took nearly a year for the mainstay apps, Instagram, Vine and the like to have an {Read More}

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review


I have found a new love, a love called the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Verizon asked me to check it out for a couple weeks and let them know what I thought of it. As someone who spends many hours behind a camera, I tend to be a little picky when using a camera other than my DSLR. I am a huge lover of photos that feature depth of field…I really love that creamy blur behind a tack sharp object in {Read More}

My Windows 8X Screen #Troop8X #TeamHTC


One thing I am loving about this Windows 8X Phone from HTC is the home screen, which is super easy to customize. The tiles, called Live tiles can be made in three different sizes and you can move them easy to create your flow. I have a lot of apps on my screen that I play with so I couldn’t fit it all in one shot but this is my phone 2 days ago, I was feeling cold so I {Read More}

Staying Fashionably Warm #Troop8X #htc8


Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC.   I never talk about fashion on my blog because I have the mommiest of mommy baggy clothes collection, LOL. But my son, the awesome 15 year old sure has a good sense of fashion. One of the very very first photos I took with my new HTC Windows 8X phone was this shot of him and his little brother. Refusing to wear a big puffy jacket that is suitable for {Read More}

Keep It Clean! Camera Cleaning at Best Buy #GeekSquad


This picture was taken almost exactly three years ago (What is up with the stringy hair?). I was entering my second semester at college and just upgraded my camera to a Nikon D90. I was looking forward to the photography class I signed up for and so happy to have a more professional model camera to expand with. I bought my Nikon right at the Best Buy store. I have had to take this camera in twice before, once for {Read More}

Staying In Touch With My HTC Windows 8X Phone #htc8 #Troop8X

Windows 8 Phone HTC

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, HTC. This past Thursday I got the coolest piece of tech in my hands, the Windows 8X Phone from HTC. Having been a smart phone user for a little over a year, I get ecstatic when an opportunity comes along to try a new phone. I was not prepared in the slightest for how amazingly awesome this phone was. I was a good girl and fully charged it prior to turning it {Read More}

Taking Your Photos To The Next Level : Photoshop Elements 11

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 Box

Unless you are a new visitor, or you have been living under a rock, you know that this blog is super heavy and bursting with beautiful photography. While this is not a brag, I can tell you that my photographs have led me to paying jobs. And though I am not professional yet, I do have my favorites for my craft and they are my Nikon D90 and my Adobe products. I have Lightroom 2 (need to upgrade!) and most {Read More}