3 Skilled Trades That Any Mom Can Pursue

It wasn’t long ago that the notion of being a working mother was considered a rather unusual one. Fortunately, our society has progressed considerably and there are now a variety of programs and initiatives, both in the public and private sectors, to encourage moms to go back to work after giving birth. Many jobs and businesses are now able to offer their employees flexible working arrangements, allowing moms to study, train, and work while still making time for their children.

Online learning means that it is now possible for new moms to learn the skills necessary to work in a variety of specialized fields. Not only can online courses earn you the qualifications you need to apply for roles in other organizations, they can also equip you with marketable skills so that you are able to make money independently.

The following skilled trades will require you to do some degree of training beforehand. In some cases, this will take the form of self-tutelage, meaning that you will be teaching yourself. In other cases, you will need to enroll in a training course.

Web Design

Web design is an excellent trade for anyone to learn. In today’s world, there is no shortage of people looking for a website, for a variety of different reasons. Both individuals and businesses use websites to generate an income or to promote their products and services. There is always work available for a qualified web designer. Web designer jobs in San Francisco is one of the most in demand these days. Many of the top tech companies in the Silicon Valley continue to improve their branding through logos, social media advertisements and animated commercials. If you find yourself creative and has an interest with digital arts, web designing may be perfect for you. This is one of those options that lends itself well to self-teaching.

HVAC Technician

If you enjoy engineering and find yourself often curious as to how machines around you work, this could be a great career choice for you. HVAC stands for Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning. The role of an HVAC engineer is to carry out routine maintenance and repairs on these systems.

This is an example of highly marketable skills that allow those who complete the training to either work for an employer or organization or to pursue the freelance route. If this sounds like a potential career path for you, you can read more about HVAC training here.


While having a baby is no longer the career-killer that it once was for women, many women still elect to leave their current jobs after their maternity leave ends. No matter how passionate someone might be about their work, there are some jobs that leave little time for looking after children. Some women prioritize their presence in their child’s early stars over their career ambitions.

However, you can always offer your services to other individuals who might be preparing to enter the field that you have just left. Whatever skills and knowledge you have can be of value to someone. Tutoring allows you to keep indulging your passion and also stops you from becoming rusty with your knowledge.

There is no journey in life quite the same as motherhood. It is a challenge for sure, especially when coupled with the challenge of pursuing a new career path. However, for new moms who still want to work, there are now more potential jobs and careers on offer than ever before.