Top Tips For Controlling Pests In Your Apartment

Bedbugs, mice, ants, cockroaches, spiders, termites and a host of pests are the type people don’t give a second thought to until they’re invading their apartment. Controlling pests can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be with these 10 pest control tips for apartment dwellers.

1. Lookout for Moisture Issues

Pests of all types need water to survive and can often be spotted near places where there are moisture issues. Make sure you report any leaking taps or pipes, broken seals under doors and windows and the like. The same goes for damp garages, basements and common areas.

2. Keep Rubbish Tidy

Rodents are especially happy when they can discover a rubbish collection area in an apartment block that’s not been looked after. They’ll use it not only as a source for food, but also as a nesting sport. Make sure routine maintenance checks are regularly carried out in your apartment complex and that rubbish bags are properly tied and put into bins with the lids closed.

3. Seal Off Entry Points

Make sure your apartment is secure from pests by sealing off any entry points with copper mesh, caulk or even sheet metal. Areas to consider include heating ducts, air conditioning and dryer vents. Don’t forget to seal off cracks in doors and windows, too. It’s a good idea to carry out seasonal checks to ensure your door and window screens don’t have any holes. You can also prevent pest invasions by using plugin pest control that is environmentally friendly, silent and highly effective.

4. Be Careful with Second Hand Furniture

Items of second hand furniture may seem enticing, and they could be the perfect fit for your apartment. But, carefully inspect all used items before you bring them into your building as they could be harbouring bed bugs or other pests.

5. Carefully Check Packages

Deliveries are another way of pests hitching a ride inside cardboard boxes. The boxes often have a long journey to get to their destination and could pick up pests along the way. So, check boxes before you bring them into your apartment to limit infestations.

6. Be Cautious When Returning from Your Holidays


Travellers are vulnerable to bed bugs and could bring them back from their holidays without even realising it. Bed bugs are often found in hotels and transport, and even in shops or movie theatres. When you return home, make sure you inspect and vacuum your suitcases before you put them away.

General Pest Control Tips

You can also undertake general pest proofing in and around your apartment with these tips:

  • Vacuum at least weekly
  • Dispose of rubbish regularly
  • Wipe down your kitchen counter tops and wash the floors to remove residue spills and crumbs
  • Store pantry foods and dry pet food in sealed containers – preferably made of plastic
  • Keep your pet bowls clean and always wipe up spilled water and food quickly
  • Check under sinks for moisture and repair leaking pipes immediately

If you notice pests in your apartment or even in the common areas, contact the facility manager right away.