5 Actionable Ideas To Upgrade Your Wardrobe In 2022

Having a wardrobe full of unwanted and outdated clothes seems daunting. It is an indication you should purge and upgrade sooner rather than later. You may also consider a deep clean every New Year even if you think your closer is in good shape. But you must have a plan and strategy to complete the project successfully. If you are willing to make a few notable changes to your closet, here are some actionable ways to do it.

Write it Down

The best way to upgrade your wardrobe this year is by keeping a journal of what you wear every day and how it looks on you. It is like creating a plan in writing for the project. The strategy helps you declutter your closet and discard clothes that are out of fashion. Moreover, this activity will help you know what fabric and style suit you the best and what will prevent you from making unwanted purchases in the long run. 

Embrace the capsule concept

If nothing seems right, embrace the capsule concept. The capsule concept includes those clothing pieces that complement each other. They are the classic ones that never go out of style. Pick pencil skirts, tees, a silk scarf, a pair of blue jeans, and more. With the capsule concept, you can create diverse outfits with a small selection and save your precious time, money, and effort.

Opt for sustainable brands

Another way to upgrade your wardrobe is to opt for sustainable brands. Such brands are considerate about the planet, environment, and humanity. Moreover, shopping from sustainable brands ensures lesser water pollution, carbon emissions, and animal abuse. Start by looking for sustainable denim for your jeans this year, and revamp your entire collection over time. Take a pledge today to shop for clothes that give you a sense of gratification and contentment. 

Consult a friend

The easiest way to have the wardrobe of your dreams is by consulting a fashion-forward friend. Seeking their advice can help you get great ideas easily about styling anything and any time. Also, you can observe their collection and click a few pictures for easy reference. Commit to inviting them over for a monthly go-through session for your collection to keep it on track.

Take it slow and easy

After a lot of time at home during the pandemic, it is better to take up things slowly. This way, you will find more options and ideas to try for yourself. Begin with an in-depth research on the latest runway trends through online videos. Read a few good fashion articles to get ideas to craft your dream closet. Easy yet cost-effective closet planning will help you achieve what you want without burning a hole in your wallet.

Your wardrobe speaks volumes about your taste and personality, so it deserves all the attention you can give. Now is the best time to give it a complete makeover. Follow these tips to explore, experiment, and create an incredible new collection this year. So just let your wardrobe do all the talking!