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The Most Comfy Shoes for Busy Moms

Busy moms spend a lot of the day on their feet and while a foot rub at the end of the day does make things better, it’s not a complete cure for sore feet. Whether you’re chasing kiddos through the park or rushing to appointments, you should have footwear that supports your feet and feels comfy all day long.

Even some higher end shoes can leave you with blisters if they have what’s called a “break in period.” No mom has time for that, and what’s more, no mom should have to deal with foot problems. When you’re on the go all the time, you need reliability from your footwear. Cute styles don’t hurt, either.

We’ve rounded up the comfiest shoes for busy moms to get you through the day, whether you’re at the office, homeschooling, or running around town with three kids in tow.

Get Cozy in Convertawool Clogs

If a shoe could be a metaphor for moms, then the Convertawool clog would be it. It is truly a do-it-all shoe with total adaptability and durability. You can wear these comfortable clogs as bedroom slippers, or you can wear them outside as shoes. The rubber sole on the bottom allows these indoor-outdoor shoes to go wherever you go without showing wear and tear. However, that’s not even their best feature. They also have a collapsible back that converts these wonderful shoes from a shoe to a clog.

Keep it Classic in Star Canvas Sneakers

Every mom, and for that matter, everyone needs a pair of canvas sneakers in their wardrobe. Lightweight, easy to throw on, breathable, and timeless, canvas sneakers in white or a bright color in keeping with a busy mom’s lifestyle. Wear them to your kid’s soccer practice, while you’re cleaning out the garage, or to your neighbor’s barbecue. You can wear them at any age and they’ll still look classic. These sneakers have wide width options as well for those who have trouble finding a shoe that fits. They’re made even more adjustable by the laces, which can be loosened or tightened as needed.

Let Your Feet Breathe in Zen SOFTSUPPORT™ Sandals

If there’s anything moms need in their lives, it’s a bit of zen. These ultra-comfy sandals are made for walking all day, so you can literally strap them on in the mornings and keep them on until nightfall. The premium orthotic footbed is like a cloud for your feet, so you’ll probably end up loving these shoes more than your slippers. The adjustable straps in the shape of a Z make for a near custom fit, which is great when you are running around and your feet start to swell.

Make Things Easy with Court Slip-on Sneakers

Some days, you just don’t want to mess with laces. Or, your children won’t give you a free minute to tie your shoes so you’re forced to wear slides. However, you should think of this as a blessing, because now you get to wear beautiful Court sneakers. These leather sneakers are created with decorative perforations to provide breathability and keep your feet extra cool in more ways than one. While these are sneakers, they have a formality that allows them to be worn in professional settings.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to doing your research on footwear because a bad shoe equals a bad day. Shoes that hurt your feet in the short term can eventually lead to worse problems down the road. Moms work hard, which is why they deserve the best when it comes to comfort and quality.