5 Essential Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Self-care is the Internet’s latest buzzword, but the act itself feels like an impossible luxury to us moms. Although our days are jam-packed with play dates, school-runs, healthcare appointments and work meetings, we’re suddenly expected to drop everything to work on our breathing or relax in a bubble bath? Not likely. Self-care often feels so far out of our reach that we wonder if it’s even relevant to us.

Time to unwind and evaluate is in short supply when you’re a parent, but taking time for yourself doesn’t need to be as luxurious as going to a spa or as structured as a daily meditation session. Here are five simple ways to practice self-care that will improve your wellbeing and give you the respite you deserve.

Prioritize Sleep

We all understand the physical and psychological benefits of sleep, but the advice to get a full eight hours can be laughable to us parents. While there’s little you can do to stop a baby or toddler waking up at night, you can prioritize rest ahead of other tasks to give yourself a fighting chance. Rather than staying up late to watch that box set or scroll through Facebook, stick to a regular nighttime routine and get to bed early. Your body and mind will thank you for it the next morning, even if it is an early one!

Nourish Your Body

We take so much care to eat the right things when we’re pregnant, but when we become parents, our nutrition is the first thing to go out the window. A poor diet will ultimately lead to illness, mood swings and tiredness – all of which will make you less productive. So slow down and feed your body the healthy fuel it deserves.

Treat Yourself Whenever Possible

All mothers feel guilty when they take time away from their kids, whether they’re working, buying groceries or even taking a shower. However, giving yourself time to care for your own needs will make you a better parent in the long run. Not only will you feel more energized after a session at Serenity Spa or a night out with your friends, but your mental and physical health will improve as a result.

Honor Your Self-Care Routine

To reap the benefits of regular self-care, you need to honor your free time and encourage others to do the same. Don’t take a rain check on yourself just because you’re busy, and don’t let others invade this precious time. Explain to your family that you need this time to recharge so you can be a better mom, wife or relative to your loved ones. If you struggle to fit self-care into your schedule, use an app like Aloe that will give you daily reminders to look after yourself.

Change Your Attitude

Self-Care is not a luxury for us moms – it’s a necessity. You may not think you have time to look after yourself when you’re running around after somebody else all day or juggling work and childcare, but not tending to your mental and physical wellbeing will only cause more problems in the long term. Changing your attitude toward self-care can help you establish new habits that will only benefit you and your family. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add self-care to your to-do list.