Top 5 luxury brands that win hearts

Over the years, watch brands have invested massively in the development of highly innovative and high functioning timepieces that are not just status reflectors but also extensions of the wearer’s personality. This in turn has reaped healthy returns. With these brands exceeding their own capabilities with every consecutive range, they have made a transition from being just watch brands to international luxury brands.

These luxury watches, fine specimens of technical finesse, are designed to satisfy people’s fascination for powerful movement and fancy features. To believe it, you have to see it. Some of the most exceptional ones in India can be found at retail stores- some of which, like Ethos Watch Boutiques, have both an online and a brick-and-mortar presence.

Allow us to give you an overview of the best timepieces, brand-wise.

1. Bvlgari

With extraordinary designing, the brand stands for perfection. And not just that, peppered with quirk and sophistication, it speaks of class like none other. The model we chose from this brand to showcase is Bvlgari Bvlgari, Model No: BB41BSSD.

Water resistant to upto 30mm, this watch is made of scratch resistant sapphire. It features a jet black dial and automatic/self-winding movement. It boasts of polished stainless steel casing, hour markers and skeleton hands. In the age of minimalism, this watch is all you need to stand out.

2. Cartier

The name itself is enough in the watch-making industry to explain the stature and sophistication that comes with it. Known for classic designs and elegant ideas, it is a perfect fit for those who crave for a majestic look. The model we thought defines this brand best is Cartier Ballon Bleu De Cartier, Model: W69016Z4.

With a large dial, and a charming belt to compliment the subtle style, it makes your heart smile. It also houses Cartier Calibre 049, revered across the industry. The bracelet is crafted with alligator skin with adjustable buckle. Need more reasons to fall in love?

3. Tissot

Leaning towards a sporty side, Tissot is a brand for people on the run. With sturdy and mechanised watches, the brand comes with a high trust quotient. The model we chose to depict this brand in all its might is the very unique Tissot T Sport, Model: T100.430.16.051.00.
This beautiful watch has a blackish bezel and a 42mm steel-shaped round case. The watch is made of sapphire crystal and is therefore scratch resistant. It also water resistant upto 100m. With light patterns made as the watermark on the dial, the grey and black combination looks sophisticated as well as adventurous.

4. Gucci

Who doesn’t know the designer? Gucci has changed the way world views fashion and it is the same story replicated in watches. They say wearing Gucci watches is wearing your confidence on your wrist. The best model to prove that statement is Gucci G-Chrono Collection Model No: YA101204
G- chrono is the epitome of Swiss craftsmanship. With its oversized crown and push button, this model delivers an authoritative statement. Besides, the design is such that just wows at black-tie events.

5. Louis Erad Heritage

As the name suggests, the brand is royalty. Using regal colours like gold and silver, Louis Erard watches mesmerise its wearer. The perfect model to represent this brand is Louis Erad Heritage, Model: 16930AB11.BMA41.

This classic two-toned watch has a clean and professional look. Its dial is rounded off with an anti-reflective sapphire glass which improves its resilience and flexibility and it also has an integrated window to display date, day and chronograph function!

It is time to embrace the change, the luxury brands already have. To move with the times is the only sign of progression. And moving on is especially easy when there are so many wonderful options to choose from.