Daniel DeKoter Provides Three Guidelines to Pick a Defense Lawyer


When you face criminal charges, be they major offenses or minor misdemeanors, it is very important that you have a qualified defense attorney working on your side. Daniel DeKoter understands that this is not something many people have thought of before. As a result, they often don’t know how to choose a lawyer that will be right for them.

When starting a search for such a lawyer, you may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices you have available to you. They range from famous lawyers working for massive firms, to small firms with only a single lawyer. It is not possible to judge the quality of a lawyer based on the size of their firm, however.

You are likely to feel as if you need to make a decision very quickly. While time is certainly of the essence, it is more important that you find someone who will properly represent you. Hence, do your research first. The decision you eventually make is a very important one, so you should not rush yourself. This is why Daniel DeKoter has developed some important guidelines to help you, citing three key things to consider.

  1. Daniel DeKoter Recommends You Find a Lawyer that Understands Your Geographical Area

Good attorneys know their local communities. They have a reputation there and are often on first name basis with law enforcement professionals, judges, and prosecutors. They play an important role in various community organizations and are found at local events. This means that they know the community, something that will work in your favor because they will also know the main legal players.

  1. Find a Specialized Attorney

Defense law is incredibly wide and you need to make sure that you find a lawyer that understands your particular charges. If, for instance, you have broken a bone, you wouldn’t go and see a dentist, even though they also went to medical school. You need to find a lawyer that specializes in a certain field. This includes DUI/DWI, violence, fraud, and so on. Look at the lawyer’s past cases and how they compare to the charges you are facing.

  1. Find Someone Who You Like

Last but not least, the relationship you build with your lawyer is one that is based on trust. When you first meet a prospective attorney, you need to feel comfortable in their presence and in the way they work with you. They may have been very successful with past clients, they will still not be the right choice for you if you don’t like them. You need to make sure that the attorney will aggressively fight your corner, so they should be very interested in everything that you have to say.

It is crucial that you find the right defense attorney for your needs. This will take a little bit of comparing the market. However, with the above guidelines, you should be able to find exactly who you need. Remember to not rush this decision, not matter how urgent it may feel.