5 Self-Defense Tips That Women Need To Know

Attacks against women happen everyday all around the world. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim! Here are 5 self-defense tips that women need to know to protect themselves.

Do you know what to do in the event someone tries to attack you? As a woman in today’s world, it is absolutely necessary that you do.

One in every three women all over the world have experienced some form of violence. You may not be able to prevent every attack, but you can learn the tools you need to stop one.

Here are 5 self-defense tips that all women should know so they can protect themselves and their family in any situation.

1. Awareness is Key

You can’t be ready for something if you don’t know it’s coming.

Women hear about these precautionary tips all the time. But now it’s time to start implementing them.

Don’t listen to your music so loudly that you can’t hear what’s happening around you. Look where you’re going to make sure something isn’t already going down. And don’t let anyone enter your comfort zone without your permission.

Staying aware will help you avoid a bad situation so you don’t have to defend yourself.

2. Say No

If the person is a stranger, it’s always best to say no to any offers.

Even an offer to carry something for you or help you. Chivalry may not be dead just yet. But it’s not thriving, either.

Many potential attackers will use these tactics to get your guard down so they can hurt you when you least expect it. And it’s always better to stay on the side of caution than take a chance on someone you know nothing about.

3. Be Loud and Firm

If a situation begins to feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to raise your voice.

By raising your volume, you will make the potential threat feel uncomfortable. But you will also get the attention of anyone else around you.

This lets the person attempting to harm you know that you aren’t an easy target and that others can and will get involved.

4. Use Your Tools

When a situation escalates, anything can be repurposed as a self-defense weapon.

Having keys in your hand is a great way to always be at the ready. The ever-popular pepper spray is also another option for something small and quick.

If you feel you need something even more effective, click here for a great self-defense option for women. This stun gun will stop an attacker in his tracks while looking completely harmless.

5. Know Where It Hurts

You’ve tried every tactic, and all that’s left is physically defending yourself.

It’s not ideal, but even knowing just a few self-defense moves can be the difference between becoming a victim or saving your own life.

Make the most of what moves you do know by knowing the most vulnerable places to hit an attacker. Use movements learned from women’s self-defense classes and then get out as quickly as possible.

This way you do as little as possible for the maximum amount of impact.

Self-Defense Will Save Your Life

Women everywhere have fallen victim to violence. Even young girls.

Protect yourself and your family by arming yourself with the right self-defense tactics.

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