5 tips for planning a girl’s night out


If you spend your days taking care of your young family, from time to time, you will need a break. Don’t run yourself into the ground. Instead, arrange something fun for you to look forward to. This will allow you to stay motivated, and will give you a chance to put yourself first for once. Why not turn to your fellow moms? You could work together to organize a big night out. If it is a success, it could become your favorite tradition. Your long list of responsibilities may not allow you to have a night out every week. However, surely you can find some free time at the end of each month? It is important to reward yourself for the amazing job that you are doing. It is also beneficial for your children to understand that you can go out, but will always return to them. Below are five tips for planning a girl’s night out.

Choose the perfect outfit

If you spend most of your time in jeans, or sweatpants, make the most of the opportunity to get dressed up. Treat yourself to a glamorous outfit that you are excited to wear. Encourage all of your girlfriends to do the same, as this way you won’t feel overdressed. Try not to be too sensible. Instead choose a color, cut, or style, that really pushes you out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised by the range of looks that you can pull off. It will also be nice to feel like an independent woman, instead of someone’s mom, for a night. You could also treat yourself to a new haircut, plan a visit to the spa, or splash out on a mani-pedi. Whatever you do, just make sure that you are enjoying the process of getting ready.

Select the right music

Putting on the right music can also help you to enjoy the process of getting ready. Work together with your girlfriends to create a playlist for every occasion. It should be filled with tunes that put you in the mood to go out. Perhaps you could include some of the songs that you used to listen to when you were younger. This will bring back good memories, and will help to recapture the excitement that you felt when you went out in your youth. Why not treat yourself to an impressive speaker system so that you can hear your favorite songs in all their glory? Remember to organize tunes to listen to on the road. This way you will be totally excited when you arrive at your destination.

Treat yourself to transport

In order to successfully have a girl’s night out, you will need to go a little wild. Why not hire a limousine service? This is a fantastic way to ensure that you create a night to remember. It is also a surprisingly practical idea. Hiring a limousine will allow you all to travel together, which is much better for your safety. Not only this, but if you choose to drink alcohol, on your night out, it will be hugely beneficial to have someone else to drive you around. You could all group together to hire this luxurious transport option. However, you could always arrange it as a surprise. Just imagine how excited all of your girlfriends would be if a limousine turned up to your girl’s night. This really is the best way to treat yourself and see more, and to do something a little indulgent!

Arrange exciting activities

Make sure that you are not doing the same thing every time that you go out. Your evenings will become boring if you keep visiting the same bar, or club. Why not try to mix it up? Encourage all of your friends to write down a number of suggestions. You could do a lucky dip to find out where you will be going next. Alternatively, you could give everyone in your group the opportunity to plan a night out. Your more sensible gal pals might arrange a cookery course, or a wine tasting class. However, the wilder members of your group may take it a little further! When you spend your life taking care of your family, it is important to have a clear routine. However, when you are treating yourself, you should try to introduce an element of surprise. Make the most of the opportunity to let loose, without having to worry about anyone else.

Make sure that your little ones are taken care of

In order to fully enjoy your night out, you will need to make sure that your little ones are taken care of. Otherwise, you will spend all of your free time fretting. If you have decided to arrange a regular girl’s night, with a group of mom friends, you could put on a giant slumber party for your children. You could set up a schedule so that the children are staying at a different house each time. If you worry about leaving your kids, take the time to organize fun activities for them to enjoy. This will ensure that you still have a sense of control. It will also help to prevent you from feeling any guilt about having fun without them. When you go out, you could ask your other halves to watch the little ones. Alternatively, you could hire a babysitter that you, and all of your friends, trust. Even though the babysitting fee will reflect the number of kids that are being looked after, you will still be saving money if you group together. One of the best things about going out with a group of fellow moms is that they will understand your emotions. If you are new to leaving your children, it will be incredibly helpful to be surrounded by people who have dealt with a similar situation. Furthermore, your group of girlfriends will understand the demands of day to day life. Therefore, last minute cancellations, or emergency trips home, will be much easier to explain.