5 Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Holiday Table

Nothing says a holiday like the perfect table setting. Creating the perfect table can delight your guests and create the right atmosphere for making memories. Here are 5 tips for creating the holiday table that’s perfect for your occasion:

  1. Use a tablecloth

A tablecloth is a great way to add a colorful splash to your setting. You can start off your setting with a tablecloth that speaks to the type of event that you’re hosting. If you’re hosting a formal affair, you can use something that’s a light or dark color and delicate. If you’re hosting a loud and festive occasion, you can choose something bright and colorful.

In addition to setting the mood for your gathering, a table cloth makes aspects of party hosting a lot easier. With a table cloth, guests don’t have to worry about unfortunate spills or leaving marks on the table. Cleanup is much easier for you after you’re tired from a fun event. Cleanup is often a simple matter of throwing the table cloth in the washing machine.

A tablecloth also makes the dinner quieter. Cups and silverware don’t make as much noise when they land on a covered table as opposed to uncovered metal or wood. This helps guests carry on a relaxed conversation. Using a table cloth is practical as well as a great way to set the mood for the rest of your table setting.

  1. Folded napkins

Folded napkins are something that most people only use in fancy restaurants. It can be a real treat for your guests when they encounter them at your dinner table. This doesn’t have to be stressful for you or an origami undertaking. Simple folds to a tasteful napkin can let your guests know that they’re in for an unforgettable evening. Place the napkin on the plates or in each glass.

  1. Add the details

The little extras can make all the difference when it comes to your table. To choose the perfect details, you need to think about what you plan to serve. If you’re serving foods that typically come with condiments, make sure you have these condiments available on the table. If your table is large, it’s helpful to have two or more sets of condiments so that guests don’t have to ask each other to hand items across the table.

Butter, salt and pepper are common condiment items. You may also want to have gravy, olives, olive oil or dressing available depending on what you’re serving. Extra spoons can help guests access these items. Knives might be helpful for bread and butter. These flourishes can make your guests comfortable, so that they can eat their meal their way.

  1. Decide on decorations

No table is complete without the right centerpiece. At this point, consider all of the things you already have on the table. How much space can you fill without your table looking cluttered? Determine this first and then work backwards to choosing a centerpiece. You should leave enough space on your table so that plates can fit on the table without leaning off the edge.

A centerpiece is a great way to add color to the table. A few fresh flowers are always a great choice, and you can also choose decorative balls of color and simply stack them neatly in a vase. Candles and tea lights are other great ways to add flair to your table in a small space.

  1. Don’t forget your surroundings

Setting the perfect table involves setting the entire scene. Don’t forget to also decorate the rest of the room or other space where you expect your guests to gather. This can mean hanging something from the walls or the ceiling. It can mean putting accent pieces on the buffet or in the kitchen.

You might choose items that match the color of the holiday. You may choose photographs that celebrate your relationship with your guests or the honoree. These little accents can go a long ways to charming your guests and celebrating the holiday.

Don’t forget to enjoy planning

Ultimately, the perfect holiday table requires a little bit of planning. Make sure that your table isn’t overcrowded. Decide on a theme for your setting and choose your tablecloth, napkins and flourishes to match. The right setting can delight your guests along with their enjoying the pleasure of your company. Be true to yourself, and have fun making your plans.

Jessica Kane is a writer for SIlver Superstore, home of the internet’s best flatware.