5 Perfect Part-time Business Ideas for the Stay at Home Mom

There comes a time when the kids are in school and you begin to wonder if you should look for a part-time job. But, there are the errands that need to be ran, phone calls to pick up a sick child, or last minute fundraiser brownies that need to be made. Never limit yourself as a mom-on-call. Here are 5 great ideas for adding to the family income plus raise your self-confidence as a talented business owner.

Create Designer Natural Soaps

Soap is never going to go out of style. However, more and more people are becoming more selective in the type of soaps that they purchase. Natural soaps can be made right in your kitchen and can offer a variety of appealing features. No chemicals, moisturizing, all-natural and scents made with essential oils are popular for keeping skin in good health. It may take some investigating and experimenting on your part, but creating your own brand of designer soap can put you on the right path to success.

There are many types of natural oils that can be used as a base for creating moisturizing soaps. Coconut oil, olive oil and hemp oil are a few of the oils that can add vitamins and minerals to the skin. Learn about what dried herbs are beneficial and how scents from essential oils can increase one’s mood. Making soap is a simple process to learn and you can add your own style to the finished product with molds, packaging and unique aromas.

Become a Teacher of Little Known Subjects

With all of the time and effort that goes into education today, too many common sense subjects fall by the wayside. Balancing a checkbook, cooking a meal, or cleaning house are often ignored in schools. However, these humble chores are necessary in life and someone needs to provide this knowledge. You could probably write a book on the simple procedures that escape our young adults today. Hey, what a great idea! Start a blog, write an eBook or advertise to be a guest speaker at local schools.

No kid is going to admit that they cannot fry an egg or how to polish a mirror, but put on a show and watch as their attention span zooms in. Some are ashamed to admit that their parents never showed them certain basics and that is okay. You can provide a very important part of life to anyone willing to listen. Approach local schools and community organizations about setting up a workshop and watch as your audience grows.

Cleaning Homes and Offices

If you check with friends and neighbors, you are certain to find a mix of stay-at-home moms and professional mothers that have little time. Put the two together and you have a solution to helping one another. Professional women may feel uncomfortable with letting a stranger in their home to clean. However, when that person is a stay-at-home mom with a couple hours of free time on her hands, it could be a perfect match. If you take the initiative to mix and match neighbors, before long you are in business!

Another type of cleaning is office and commercial cleaning. Spending a few hours a night in an office or a bank can help you clear your head of the daily scramble of home. Stay-at-home moms are perfect candidates for these types of positions and you could easily begin an office cleaning business just from talking to friends.

Adopt a Senior

As the population advances in age, there are thousands of senior citizens that require medical care. However, there are others that have just slowed and have need for company more than anything. Their kids are grown and have busy lives and little thought goes toward mom or dad except during the holidays. These seniors are all around us and are happy to go for a walk, visit with a friend or take in a show. Advertising your services as a senior companion is a new concept that is beginning to take hold. The family is usually willing to chip in for a weekly service like this, just to have the comfort that someone is checking on mom or day.

When you Love Numbers

The world of technology may play a part in removing the timely method of arithmetic, but when tax season rolls around, you better have a receipt for every entry that has been logged. Getting prepaid to file your taxes is a horrible time for many. If you could just hire someone to sort through the mess and arrange things in order, your stress level would reduce. If you are a stay-at-home mom with an eye for detail and a love of numbers, start a pre-tax business where organizing is required. By pointing out errors and missing information, you could save your client hundreds or thousands of dollars. Any type of start-up business that has to do with finances can give you the flexibility of setting your own hours and performing work that suits you.

Emily Kil is a professional blogger that writes about travel, family, and digital marketing.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and two dogs.  When she’s not helping her husband with his bio hazard cleaning business, she’s RVing with her family around the USA.  She’s driven across the country five times, including an epic trip to Alaska.