6 Ideas for Fun Family Days Out This Summer Break

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes having your little ones at home for weeks at a time. During the summer break, it’s not uncommon for kids to start feeling bored when they’re away from their school friends and unable to participate in their regular term-time activities. So, it’s no surprise that many moms and dads start planning various activities, day trips and more to keep their little ones occupied throughout the summer months when school’s out.

With the weather warming up and plenty of things to get involved in, it shouldn’t be a struggle to find something to do, even if you’re working on a tight family budget. We’ve listed some great day out ideas for your family this summer.

Day Out #1: A Trip to the Beach

No summer would be complete without a trip to the beach, whether you’re lucky enough to live close to the sea or are planning to take a short summer break away to another state or even abroad. One of the best things about visiting the beach is that once you get there, most things are free – unless you want to take part in various activities available at beaches throughout the country, it won’t cost you a penny to paddle or swim in the sea when safe, play ball games on the beach, or have a picnic on the sands. So, what are you waiting for! Check out this great juniors tankini range for the perfect addition to your child’s summer wardrobe.

Day Out #2: Hiking and Walking Trails

If your children are a little bit older, then you might want to consider taking them on a hiking expedition. For example, you can visit one of the many National Parks around the U.S, which are usually free or very inexpensive to enter and are home to some of the most stunning views, landscapes and natural wonders in the country. In addition to being a great experience with views that the whole family will never forget, hiking some of the most stunning trails in the U.S. is also great exercise!

Day Out #3: Museums

If you’re looking to get out of the sun this summer and fancy doing something as a family in a cooler and shadier environment, then why not consider visiting a local museum? Whether you and your family are interested in ancient history, the evolution of modern technology or various industries, there will surely be a museum that suits you. If you are exploring with smaller children or toddlers, many museums include a children’s play area where moms and dads can sit down and relax.

Day Out #4: Theme Parks

Your little ones will probably jump at the idea of going to a theme park this summer, however, for many parents, the entrance fees are almost as scary as the roller coasters themselves. But, with some savvy tricks, you can drive down the cost of family entry to your favorite theme park for an adrenaline-filled day of rides and fun. For example, purchasing family tickets in advance can often save you money. Where possible, buy online – purchasing tickets on the door generally comes at a higher cost.


Day Out #5: A Day at the Park

Visiting the local park is probably something that you’ve been doing with your children since they were old enough to enjoy it, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take part in this age-old pastime as a family this summer. During the summer break, local parks are often filled with plenty of awesome things for little ones to take part in, from fun fairs and rides to bouncy castles and ice cream sellers. Make a day of it by taking a picnic to enjoy and plenty of fun games to play together.

Day Out #6: Creative Workshops

Are your little ones missing out on getting creative and crafty in school? If so, creative workshops and activity groups over the summer break are a great idea. If there are currently none of these groups in your area, then why not start your own? Many children love crafting activities such as painting and drawing, making collages, gardening, or even working with textiles. This will give them the chance to learn something new over the summer break that they can proudly show off to their friends when they return to school.

What kind of activities and day trips are you planning to do together as a family this summer? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.