6 Warning Signs of an Abusive Babysitter

Are you suspicious that you have an abusive babysitter? If so, this is no light matter and you should know the signs of an abusive babysitter to best protect your child.

Your child deserves to have the best care when you’re not around and you deserve to know that your child is receiving the best care possible. To learn the top warning signs of an abusive sitter keep reading our list below.

1. Your Child Is Afraid of the Babysitter

At the beginning of a new nanny or babysitter, your child will need time to adjust. If your child is crying or throwing tantrums the first few weeks of being left alone with their new caregiver this is normal.

You should take concern if it’s been well over a month and your child is still acting like this when being left alone with their babysitter. This could indicate to you that they have an abusive babysitter.

Someone who watches your kid can never replace you as parents. With this said, your child should feel comfortable with their caregiver when being left alone with them. If you notice your child is distressed when leaving them alone it may be time to look into the nanny and see if a new one should be hired.

2. The Babysitter Isn’t Following Your Requests

When you hire someone to care for your child you want to make sure that you both are on the same page. This will help to ensure that you’re child is being taken care of to the best of the babysitter’s ability and that they are installing your beliefs and discipline.

If you find that the babysitter is denying your requests such as hitting your child when you told them not to then it’s time to look to see if any other abuse is going on. If you two aren’t on the same page look to see if your child is showing signs of neglect or even abuse.

3. The Babysitter Is Secretive

When you leave your child alone with someone for a few hours you’re entitled to know what they are doing in that time you’re absent. When you come home to talk about your child’s day with the caregiver and you notice that they are short and don’t want to tell you much you should take this as a red flag.

This could indicate that your sitter is trying to hide something. If you’re curious you should find the best spots for a nanny cam and place them around to monitor the day when you’re not there.

4. Your Child Has Random Bruises

After the babysitter has left for the day and you’re spending time with your child you may see a bump or bruise that wasn’t there when you left the house earlier. This could be due to your child falling or it could be from the babysitter themselves.

Make sure to text or call your babysitter and ask about the mark. It could be a simple explanation such as your child fell at the park or hit their head on a toy.

If you find that the sitter isn’t directly answering you, being short, or denying it then this should concern you. It could be a sign that the babysitter is abusing your child and you need to look into this further.

5. Your Child Isn’t Being Kept up With

Abuse has many forms and one of them is neglect. If you notice that your child isn’t being taken care of such as being fed, getting clothes changed, or even their hair brushed this could be a sign that the babysitter is neglecting them.

Especially when the child is around one year old. At this point of time they are in a growing stage and need proper learning.

Your child shouldn’t be neglected when in the care of a sitter. They should be tended to and taken care of as well or better than they would in your care. If you notice your child is being neglected repeatedly it’s time to consider that you have a bad babysitter.

6. You Notice a Change in Your Child

Since your child has been left in the care of your babysitter have you noticed any changes in them? These changes could be things such as a disruption in their sleeping pattern or even a change in your child’s behavior. In other words, your child isn’t acting like themselves since being left in the sitter’s care.

Any behavior changes should be noted and watched closely. If they get worse this can indicate mean babysitters. Their behavior could tell you what’s going on too.

If your child is becoming clingy when they used to be independent this could be a sign of physical abuse. If your child is asking you about sexual things and “riding” toys this could be a sign of sexual abuse.

Keep an eye on how your child acts and respond accordingly. You may even need to call the police and have them involved to make sure the babysitter doesn’t abuse any other child.

Now You Know the Signs of an Abusive Babysitter

Spotting an abusive babysitter may be hard but we have given you the top signs to look for in your child to ensure they are getting the best care. From noting changes in your child’s behavior to seeing if your child throws fits when they are left alone with the sitter, you know the telltale signs of an abusive babysitter. For more parenting tips and information be sure to check out the rest of our website.