How to Use a Dutch Oven: A Guide for Beginners

Have you been wondering about getting a Dutch oven? These versatile cooking pots can cook anything from sourdough bread to chicken stew, so they’re a great addition to your kitchen cookware. Even if you’re a novice chef, you can create some amazing dishes if you know what you’re doing.

Ready to get cooking? Keep reading to learn how to use a Dutch oven!

What Are the Types of Dutch Oven?

There are several types of Dutch ovens, so spend some time researching which one is right for you. Stainless steel dutch ovens tend to be easier to clean, but seasoned cooks say that they don’t keep their heat — an essential part of the cooking process — as effectively as other types.

Cast iron is a favorite among avid cooks because of its weight and ability to retain heat. You will have to clean it and season it regularly, however, and there is the possibility that flavors from a previous dish will impact the next dish you create. If you’re baking bread after a series of fish stews, this could be a bad thing!

How To Use a Dutch Oven

One of the big advantages of a Dutch oven is that it can be used on the stove and in the oven. You can sear your meat at a high temperature on the stovetop to start a recipe. Then you can slide it into the oven with all of the other ingredients to cook at a lower temperature.

The thick walls of Dutch ovens ensure that these pots will keep in the heat. That makes them ideal for any sort of slow-cooking process. Use them to braise meats so that they’re perfectly tender. Put together a tasty casserole dish and know that it will cook slowly and evenly in a Dutch oven.

You can also take Dutch ovens camping! They are the perfect multi-purpose pot to place over the coals the next time you are out in nature — just be sure to use a cast-iron version when doing campfire cooking. Find some tasty recipes for your wilderness adventure at

Accessorize Your Dutch Oven

Cooking with a Dutch oven will be even better with a few accessories. Since the lids on these pots are so heavy, it can be helpful to have a lid lifter. You’ll keep your hands safe from burns!

Another necessity is a cleaning brush. It’s important to care for your Dutch oven, and regular cleaning will keep it in good shape for a lifetime of cooking. You can also look into getting a scraper to remove those pesky bits of food that get stuck on the bottom.

And if you’re cooking outdoors a lot, consider adding a trivet to your list. A trivet gives you a way to elevate the Dutch oven during cooking — and when you’re done cooking.

Start Cooking

Knowing how to use a Dutch oven opens up lots of culinary possibilities. While the name and weight of these pots can seem intimidating, they are very user-friendly and they will elevate your cooking game!

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