7 Good Reasons Why Career In IT Is A Smart Choice

If you are looking towards getting a career in IT, then you’ve hit the right place. The world of IT is calling for many others to join the field and work. Because so many of the things today revolve around technology, there are also reasons why the field of IT fits you. But before we talk about the benefits, here’s a description of what Information Technology exactly is.

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology or commonly referred to as I.T. is a job profession commonly found around the world. It revolves around being an expert in technology and being able to solve problems that many people can’t solve when it comes to technology. With being an IT professional, there are many benefits to becoming one.

Here are the top 7 reasons why a career in I.T. is best for you.

1. Low Education Costs

To become an Information Technology Professional, it doesn’t cost as much as the other professions in the job world. For most of the professionals in IT, you won’t need a 4-year degree for the career. Most professionals specialize in specific areas of IT. So the only thing if you would have to get is certifications or a diploma of information technology. The more certifications & degrees you have in the field, the better opportunities you have for yourself.

For a Certificate from Google’s IT program, it costs as low as $49 USD per month, and the length of the program is 6 to 8 months.

2. Many Opportunities for yourself

Because we are in the 21st century where technology revolves around us, there are many job opportunities that open up many IT professionals. Many of the industries such as Health Care, Financing, Manufacturing, and Entertainment relies heavily on technology. So this means that people are needed to put in information into the computer for patients, manage transactions, keep track of goods/services, and record/edit videos for Entertainment companies. The possibilities for an IT professional are endless!

3. Money Money Money!

According to the US Bureau Labor Statistics, IT Professionals make around $77,000 USD per year while the top IT Professionals make double. Eventually, when you become one of the tops, you are making on par with some of the toughest careers in the job world. That would be the surgeon, Business executives, and Petroleum engineers.

4. Job Stability

For many people around the world, people look for one thing that’s important for a job: Job Stability. Having a career in IT is good because the job is growing fast because of the age of the internet. Many people such as industry experts, teachers/professors, and students young and old around the globe are doing their work online. And when things go wrong, IT experts are needed to do the work.

5. Challenges are available

If you are a person who likes to take on challenges in anything, then this is probably the right career for you. The field IT calls for real-world problem solvers because there are many conflicts encountered. The work of an IT professional is very relaxing at times, but most of the time, it can be very challenging.

6. Fast-Changing Industry

Because technology evolves, the industry evolves rapidly. In the world of IT, you need to know what’s the latest tech that’s out there and what are the positives and negatives of the tech. Many IT people want to be Cybersecurity specialists, Data keepers, etc.. So if you want to be in the realm of IT tech, then you need to be up to date with the technology and software that is out there.

Remember, IT Pros never stop growing to be better at what they specialize in. They find ways to become better versions of themselves so that they can solve the complex and challenging problems when technology goes in the direction many industry leaders can’t solve.

7. You can work anywhere

The best thing about being an IT Professional is you can work anywhere. And since we are in the internet age, many of the people who are using the internet are working remotely. In 2017, A Gallup study found out at a company that 43% of employees spend 31% of their working time remotely. It was also found in the study that these people were more productive because of the flexible and relaxing constraints that were offered in the study.

Recap and Conclusion

From Millenials to the next generations to come, the field of IT is becoming the choice for many of the young people of today. And for you as a person who is aspiring to become one, the most important thing in succeeding in the IT field is that you need to be committed to learning and adapting to new tech advancements so you are prepared for any problem.