A Mother’s Guide To Using a Yoni Egg

If you are a new mother and ready to explore the yoni egg and wanting to get everything right, you may have lots of questions on where and how to start. Much is said about the egg, crystals, origins, and benefits but not about how and when to use it. This article will cover some of these questions and give a yoni egg guide.

Is the Yoni Egg Safe for Me?

Generally, the yoni egg is harmless. It does not interact chemically with the body, so there shouldn’t be any interactions or side effects.

However, it is advisable to consult with your doctor or gynae before you start using the jade egg. This is especially important if:

  1. You’re a virgin (It may be painful to use or may break the hymen)
  2. Have recently or are currently recovering from a vaginal infection (it may interfere with healing.)
  3. Have recently or are currently recovering from surgery around your vagina or uterus (the egg may antagonize healing wounds and slow down recovery. The exercises may also be excruciatingly painful.)
  4. You’re pregnant (It is generally advisable to avoid using the yoni egg when you are pregnant as it may cause complications such as early labor or even triggering contractions.)
  5. Have recently given birth (It would be wise to wait until you have healed properly so that you don’t open healing wounds or slow down the healing process.)
  6. You are on your periods (This would be messy and counter-effective. It will block your period flow and may worsen uterine and vaginal cramping.)
  7. If you have any concerns about your sexual health, get in touch with your doctor for advice before using a jade egg.

Remember that the jade egg has not precisely been approved for use by any medical authority, so it would be far better to use it with a go-ahead from your doctor.

While still on the subject of safety, it would be wise to make sure that you get yours from a trusted and reputable manufacturer. Fake crystals may not only expose you to harmful chemical poisoning but may also crack and chip off to reveal rough spots that may be very harmful.

How to Get Started

After getting your go-ahead from your doctor, here’s how to proceed with the jade egg.

  1. Choose your yoni egg. Sizing is essential, so make sure that you choose the one that will be comfortable and safe. It is generally advisable to start with the average size going down, unless in exceptional cases such as post-maternity, where a large size would do just fine.
  2. Check your egg thoroughly to make sure that it is authentic. Buying from a reputable seller ensures that the crystals are legitimate and that the egg won’t start producing harmful chemicals inside you. Do not use the egg if it has any cracks or chips – these could cause severe injuries and complications when inserted or removed.
  3. Clean the egg thoroughly. It would help if you used a natural soap to wash it. Rinse it under running water until it is clear of any soap. You can also sanitize it with a sanitizing liquid such as anti-bacterial solutions or in a UV light sanitizer. If possible, let it air dry. You could also wipe it dry with a clean towel.
  4. It is suggested that you ‘charge’ your yoni egg sufficiently before using it. No, not by plugging it into the socket but by placing it in sunlight or moonlight. The full moon is especially preferred. This helps the egg to ‘absorb’ the energy so you can attain maximum benefits. This is merely an option and will entirely depend on your preferences.
  5. If you are set to explore the yoni egg’s benefits at a spiritual level, make sure you have the right crystal for your intentions. For instance, the jade crystal is usually associated with the heart chakra, which has to do with your relationship with other people. If you are looking to resolve loneliness, romantic frustration, or get rid of the feeling of isolation, a green jade yoni egg will be ideal.
  6. It is now time to set your intention. Think about precisely what you are trying to get and fixate on it. Hold out your egg and make your intentions clear, preferably vocally, until you feel a firm connection or a shift of energy to your yoni egg.
  7. If your egg is drilled, tie the string through the hole until it is firm enough to stay on when you yank gently. It should also be long enough to pull.

How to Insert

  1. Turn the egg until the pointy side is facing down. This should be the side with the string if your egg is undrilled.
  2. Get in a comfortable position and start putting the egg in gently with the larger side first. It should be effortless, just as easy as putting in a tampon.
  3. Don’t shy from using a lubricant if you feel like you need one.
  4. Push it in as deep as feels comfortable. You are assured that it won’t go beyond the cervix.

Do not worry about your yoni egg getting stuck. The vagina is very elastic, and you can push it out with the smallest push. It is designed to slide out effortlessly, so you can hold it in place for as long as you feel it is necessary, then push it out when you are done.

Conclusively, using a yoni egg is fairly simple. You only need to push it in gently and pull it out with the string or push it out with your vaginal muscles when you are done exercising. You can use it with Kegels, yoga, meditation, and even try a beginners guide to breathwork.  You must clean the egg thoroughly and keep it in a clean place to avoid getting infections. If the egg falls, check it thoroughly for any cracks or chips and discard if it has any – these could pose serious health risks when left unchecked.