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Adventures can be found on every corner. Some places give more adventurous experience than the other. However, when adventure mixed with traveling, gives you extra satisfaction and is something that will make you happy and provide you freedom. People usually love to explore new places and want to travel the world. It is something that makes them feel excited and gives them energy and power. There are so many places that everyone wants to go to and explore every corner of the earth. It may not be possible to travel the whole world, but we could have our bucket list ready for the places that could satisfy our thrills. Here are these 5 places that need to be added in your checklist to fill your adrenaline rush.

Cocos Island, Costa Rica:

Isla del Coco, an island located in the Pacific Ocean, also known as cocos island, is one of the hottest spots for tourism. The island is profoundly roofed with jungle and the huge mountains. It’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world with its striking waterfalls. The island is considered to be naturally blessed because of its breath taking nature that includes wet tropical forests that have the most special flora and fauna that is not found anywhere. It has nearly 230 species of plants that can’t be found anywhere else and aren’t seen anywhere else. One of the primary reasons for its popularity is the sea that surrounds the island. Fenced by fringing reefs, the island is home to many species of oceanic life, such as types of rays, hammerhead sharks, and many kinds of whales along with other species. Therefore, it is the world’s most distant diving destination with a steady liveaboard service. Divers usually choose this place for scuba diving to explore the nature of the sea. This is the best place to determine if you are a lover of nature and want to explore the sea.

Kruger National Park, South Africa:

If you are an animal lover, what could be more exciting than visiting wildlife? The Kruger national park is the best place to explore because of its amazing wildlife. It is a massive space in north-eastern South Africa, which is home to an enormous range of wildlife. It surrounds nearly about 2 million hectares of land. Sounds interesting right… the best part of the park is, it has all sorts of experiences for safaris.  This park is famous for its most beautiful reserves, which provide you the opportunity to get the best experience of wildlife from close. In Kruger Park, they offer an exclusive range of luxurious lodges and make tourists wildlife experience incredible. As in wildlife, it is one of the world’s largest national parks. Its diversity is almost incomparable. There is only one way you can experience the magic of the Kruger Park is to come here and visit it by yourself. This would be the most incredible wildlife experience you could ever have.

Bungee jumping in Queenstown:

If you are an adventurer, then this is a definite in your bucket list, something that you cannot miss, and what is the best place to do it? Queenstown… the original home of bungee jumping. Three sites in Queenstown are famous for their daring and scary bungee rides that give you thrill and chill to the bones. The easiest one is located 43m above the river named Kawarau River. The second one is 47m above the ground, and the platform lies exactly on the edge of the cliff. The scariest of all is the Nevis bungee, which is 134m above from the ground. These bungees make you think twice before leaping. They make your heart skip a beat nope!!! More than one beat. They test your bravery and your strength to just dive right in without thinking. You can decide whether you want to go solo, tandem, or just want to have your feet touch the water or take a dunk. The choice is all yours.

Waterfall in Samothraki:

One of the most magnificent sites of nature is the waterfall in Samothrace. This place has a magical aura and atmosphere that enlightens the mood of the tourists. The beautiful location created by a lot of streams and rivers transforms into a waterfall, cascades to the sides of the mountain. The waterfalls in steps with a beautiful green and lush background take the breath away. The water of these streams is crystal clear, which makes it look all the more magical as if it has come right out of a fairy tale. Vathres are the reason for the attraction of tourist who wants to enjoy these creative formations that are built in the rocks with crystal water. Swimmers love to take the ride of these waterfalls that run in a radial shape giving themselves the best time of their life by relaxing in the presence of nature.

Skiing in Italy:

One of the famous skiing spots for the adventure lovers is the queen of the dolomites or, in other words, Cortines d’Ampezzo. This is a treat for ski lovers who want to have an adventure lure with a treat to the eyes. Beautiful cliffs and mountains that are covered in snows make it a sight worth watching and experiencing. The reason why it is an adventurous and loved ski spot for tourists is because of its steep slopes and challenging descents with diverse landscapes making a pathway. Along with skiing snowboarders love to board in the snow in the Cortina park. The trail of the snow gives a lot of sights to explore, so just hit the snow and of you go.

Caving in Waitomo:

The best caving adventure you could ever find is the caves in Waitomo that lie in New Zealand. It is considered to be one of the largest caves in New Zealand. These caves do not only provide caving experiences but also climbing, zip-lining or rafting, etc.  These caves have a lot of climbing and underground weaving. Drop down in the deepest of caves and explore everything there is. These caves also have a waterfall that drops down in the cave, making a wonderful and beautiful sight. Within these caves is the lost world.  The lost world is a drop-down f 100 meters into the cave that has a lot of steep and rocky places. The most remarkable sight is the glowing worms in these caves, which are gathered at the roof of the cave, glowing like a starry night, adding beauty to the caves.


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