Aren’t You Tired Of Hearing Your Noisy Neighbourhood?

Even with all of the doors and windows shut, you can hear the noises of your neighbourhood as if they are happening right in the middle of your living room. You can hear people mowing their lawns, car alarms going off and ice cream trucks playing jingles. You shouldn’t have to live in a remote cabin to experience peace and quiet when you walk through your front entrance.

The cacophony of car horns, smoke alarms, loud music and shouting is a common problem called noise pollution — dealing with these audible annoyances on a daily basis makes inhabiting in a space miserable and can have adverse effects on your health like sleep deprivation and heightened stress levels. Instead of getting angry with your neighbours about inviting friends over for a party or for having an excitable dog, you can renovate your house so that it mutes everything beyond the doorstep.

Start By Insulating Your Windows

If your windows aren’t cutting off the racket from outside, they aren’t fulfilling a fundamental purpose — this is why one of the best ways to properly soundproof your house is to get energy-efficient window replacements and make sure that all of the remaining air gaps are sealed with caulk and weather stripping. It’s wise to hire a team of trained professionals to do the installation, to reduce any chances of mistakes and gaps that let in drafts.

If that is not enough to encourage you to commit to the renovation, you should know that the other benefits of installing new windows with energy-efficient features include lowering your monthly hydro bills and maintaining a warm indoor temperature during harsh winter climates. They are designed for superior energy conservation and financial convenience while prioritizing your physical comfort.

One window company in Kitchener that has high-performance replacements and an impressive installation team is Golden Windows — they also have a wide selection of entry doors and garage door frames available for your home improvement needs. This family-owned and operated company has been making remarkable Kitchener windows and doors for over fifty years.

Add Soft Surfaces

One of the most practical tips for reducing noise in your home is to cover areas with soft insulating fabrics — this will muffle any loud or unpleasant sounds by absorbing their traveling vibrations. Place a woven cotton rug or a strip of shag carpet on the floor, dress the windows with thick curtains and drape the couches in blankets and plush cushions.

Fill Up Space

While open-concept and minimalistic styles are all the rage, the abundance of space will ruin your plans for tranquility. Filling the room with furniture, shelving units, throw rugs and décor will give rooms extra padding and stop noise from echoing.

A handful of home improvements and interior design upgrades will finally block the outdoor racket from bothering you. You don’t have to worry about the noise of squawking birds ruining your beauty sleep, or the commotion of construction crews disturbing your work — all of that sound will stay outside your front door, where it belongs.