Beauty Trends & How the Eyelash Industry Is Booming

In 2018, the false eyelashes market size was valued at $1.1 billion. As the demand soars, the market is expected to be worth more than $1.5 billion in product purchases by 2025. As time passes, these beauty products are gaining popularity and acceptance, varying from permanent, regular, temporary, and occasional use. When false lashes extensions are chosen and applied correctly, they transform one’s appearance. The increased demand for customized, unique looks will significantly influence market growth.

As a wide variety of products are designed to facilitate the quick and easy application of false eyelashes and lash extensions, these extensions have become a popular choice for women. For instance, although most false eyelashes are glued on, some rely on a magnetic strip for application. As a result, most women prefer these cosmetic products owing to their ease of application. One of the reasons why a lot of people like having eyelash extension is customization. If an experienced technician applies your eyelash extensions, they look natural and do not damage your lashes.

To have an eyelash extension, the customer needs to choose the style first then the material. There are different types of eyelashes on the market today. Therefore, thorough research and professional advice are required to make the right choice. For beginners, synthetic lashes are a good choice with feather lashes, mink lashes, and hollow being the best choices due to their lightweight.

Faux mink lashes are popular with models who do photo-shoots because they have limited time for makeups. When you apply mink lashes, they look like your natural eyelashes. The lash extension application process takes less than two hours, with a total cost ranging between £120 and £250.

The Eyelash Industry is Booming

Lash students or artists contemplating investing in the eyelash industry, considering whether the business is worth a risk, is the first step. It is also worth it because the business may change, thus leaving you without clients. Luckily, the eyelash extension business is flourishing nowadays, thus guaranteeing returns in the long run. Today, eyelash companies and lashpreneurs can stock vas eyelash styles making the procedure common and straightforward. With time, both men and women will have false eyelashes and lash extension procedures daily.

According to a recent study, about 75% of eyelash artists earn more than £ 40,000 annually. Furthermore, the research shows that 25% of the artists have been in the industry for five or more years, with more than 80% confessing they are satisfied or delighted with their careers. As 60% of the eyelash artists make the income they predicted when they joined the sector, the eyelash business is proving lucrative. When a survey was conducted, 50% of the artists apply 11 or more eyelash sets every week, with 42% of the artists charging £ 50 – £ 120 for a full set of eyelashes. Although some artists find it challenging to attract new clients or providing aftercare services to their clients, their overall experience is profitable and positive.

Eyelash care

Research shows that the number of eyelash professionals grew by 14% in 2017 alone, with the sale of eyelash products increasing by 15% in the second quarter of 2017. As a result, experts predict substantial growth in the eyelash care market with time.

Forecasted Growth

If you are considering investing in false eyelashes and lash extensions business, now is the right time due to the booming trend. Both the products and the market are doing great, with North America boasting the maximum market share of 36.78%. Between now and 2023, the production of handmade eyelashes is expected to have the fastest growth rate and returns.

Eyelash Beauty Enhancement is a Thriving Industry

For those considering investing in false lashes and lash extension field, business is booming and return on investment (ROI) are high. However, gathering vital information, getting help from experienced investors, and familiarizing yourself with the current market conditions help you make the right choices. Investing in the right tools such as the ones from Paris Lash Academy is also important. Remember, attending a lash clash or researching more about the lash industry can determine your success. Finally, it is crucial to decide on the most effective method to advertise your products and services to target customers. If you have a close family member, friend or colleague who is in the lash industry, their advice or opinion is vital, especially if you are a novice in the cosmetics business.