Best And Worst Times To Renovate Your House

Home renovations are exciting yet stressful undertakings. On the one hand, you’re improving your house and making it more comfortable for you and your family; on the other hand, it disrupts everyday life for an extended period of time. It can be a stressful time but if you do everything you can to ease the stress and pressure i.e. hire a skip from somewhere like this company offering cheap skip bins sydney during renovations, it should go a lot more swiftly. So how can you manage this to minimize inconvenience? It’s all about timing, and choosing the right time of the year to make sure that your renovations are as seamless and comfortable as possible. If you’re not sure when this is, then check out the best and worst times of the year to start a home renovation.

When is the best time to renovate?

While it may be a little more costly to conduct a renovation during the summer, this is only because it is actually the best time to do it. If you think about your and your family’s schedule, summer is usually when everyone’s work schedules are not as hard-and-fast as the rest of the year and the kids are off school. Additionally, summertime also means it’s the perfect time to go on vacation and, as a result, not having a house under repair won’t seem as big of a deal. The summer season is particularly ideal for home renovations if you’re taking on projects like painting, as you avoid rain and see faster drying; it’s a good time to work on internal heating systems or fireplaces too because you won’t need to use them in hotter weather.

When should you avoid renovation?

It may seem pretty obvious, but the holiday season can be one of the worst times to start a renovation on your home. Due to business slowing down, it can take longer to receive supplies and materials and a lot of processes that are usually quick, may take longer due to less manpower. On a personal level, the holiday season is also a time for you and your family to spend some quality time together in your home and have people over for social events, therefore having construction crews around making loud noises, with certain living areas unavailable is not an ideal situation. And if you plan on hosting and cooking for family and friends during this time, you may want to hold off before you renovate the kitchen. In saying this, depending on your situation and the project you need done, the holiday season is considered off-season for renovating crews and therefore it may come out to be a little cheaper in comparison to peak season times like summer.

If you have kids, you should also consider not conducting home renovations during the school semester, as this can cause major disruptions to their studies and overall schedule. Not only will the loud construction get in the way of their study and sleep routine, but in the event that you have to move out temporarily — depending on the project — it may be hard to adjust to a change in living environment.

When making decisions about renovating your house, be sure to consider the timing of your project. While renovations can be an exciting and creative time, it can also cause major disruptions; you can minimize this by picking the most appropriate time to renovate.