Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids to Look for in 2020

Birthday parties are always a time for people to celebrate, share drinks, and food as they make unforgettable memories. Although anyone can have a birthday party, kids are the ones who love these parties more. Nothing makes a parent happier than creating a birthday party that will put a huge smile on his/her kid’s face. Although some parents have various party ideas, others do not. Well, if you have no clue what to do, here are some excellent birthday party ideas for your kids in 2020.

1. Scavenger Hunt Party

Kids are known to be adventurous individuals. Using this principle, you can come up with a birthday scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is a game where participants have to find marked items hid around a certain area. You can play the game either outside, in your garden, or even inside your home. You can set around clues for the kids to help them locate the items you placed in strategic areas. But, when placing the clues, make sure they are not too complex. This allows the kids to have fun and not spend so much time struggling to find a single item.

2. Fiesta

One of the birthday trends for 2020 is a fiesta. In essence, people are slowly moving to have fiesta-themed parties for kids. Fiesta is a popular celebration in numerous Spanish speaking countries across the globe. Even though it is celebrated mostly among the Spanish, it is becoming one of the trendy party ideas for kids.

One of the greatest things that you can borrow from fiesta celebrations is food. Mexican food is the most common type of food served, and you can also bring it to your kid’s party. Apart from the food, you will also need fiesta-like decorations. These decorations will elevate everybody’s mood and set the atmosphere right. Make sure that these decorations are bright and colorful, just like the fiesta parties in Spain. One important thing you should not forget is a piñata. Kids will have a blast hitting a piñata in the hopes of getting the candy inside. Once they do, it will be a moment they will never forget.

3. Inviting Kids Entertainers

Kids love intriguing things that make them stare and ask for more. What is more fascinating to kids than a skilled entertainer? With a party entertainer, the kids will always be jumping around and having fun. Basically, there will never be a dull moment. Entertainers are also very creative. The kids will be exposed to great things that they have probably never witnessed in their lives. That is what will make the party lively and memorable.

Let us not forget the fact, through a kids’ party entertainer, children can learn a lot of fun stuff. With this knowledge, they can do a thing or two on their own at home that they saw the entertainer do. You may also want to bring an entertainer to your kids’ party, but you do not know where to begin.  Well, searching online for these kid’s entertainer websites would be a great place to start. For example, with Yabadoo kids magician and entertainers, your kid will have a party like no other. The firm has a wide range of entertainers and proper packages depending on your needs.

4. Video Games Party

One of the most popular birthday activities for kids is playing video games. With how the Internet of things has taken over almost everything, video games are the “in-thing.” This idea is great in keeping kids in one place after jumping around for a while. It also helps them relax while still having fun.

Many kids fancy the PlayStation (PS) gaming console, and you can use any game (disc) that will keep them busy and happy. You can also use the Xbox gaming console, which is similar to the PS. Using this birthday idea, you do not have a lot of work. All you have to do is set the consoles using different screens around the house and keep a steady supply of snacks and drinks.


A lot of birthday party ideas exist around the globe. What makes the difference between a good party and a fantastic one is the idea behind it. If you are looking to take the kids’ party to a whole other level, you can consider going for entertainers. Kid’s party entertainers know how to make a kid’s party lively and memorable. You can also go for a video gaming party. This is where you have different gaming consoles around your house and let the kids enjoy. You can also never go wrong with a fiesta-themed party or a scavenger hunt birthday party.