Biodiversity at Its Best: 5 Awesome Destinations to Take a Peek at the Local Wildlife

Did you know that humans make up just 0.01% of life on Planet Earth? That’s right. So, that means the biodiversity of animals, plants, and other living beings on our planet is even greater than most of us might have imagined.

Hearing about just how diverse Earth is, you might be interested in exploring all our planet has to offer. You’re certainly not wrong for wanting to do so! One of the best ways to do that is to travel near and far.

But where should you travel to, to get the best peek at wildlife? Put the following five destinations at the top of your list!

1. Indonesia

Since Indonesia is classified as an archipelago consisting of over 17,000 islands, it’s no surprise that this destination features numerous ecosystems. However, what’s shocking about this Asian country is that it makes up just 1% of our planet’s land, yet its rainforests contain 10% of known plant species, 12% of animal species, and 1,615 bird species (17% of known bird species).

2. Sri Lanka

There’s something in nature for everyone in Sri Lanka! This country is home to over 100 species of freshwater fish, more than 170 reptile species, about 140 types of mammals,, over 430 bird species, and over a thousand varieties of invertebrates. Surprisingly, there’s plenty of room for this kind of biodiversity despite Sri Lanka having the top second population density of humans.

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3. India

India not only has delectable food but is incredibly biodiverse. About 7.6% of the discovered mammal species on Earth can be found in India. In addition, the country is home to 6% of all flowering plant species, 12.6% of avian species, 11.7% of varieties of fish, 4.4% of known amphibians, and 6.2% of discovered reptile species.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. However, one of the top reasons is because it’s incredibly beautiful and diverse. The country flaunts hundreds of our planet’s discovered bird, reptile, freshwater fish, and amphibian species. What is more, over approximately 150,000 discovered invertebrate species can be found in Malaysia!

5. Thailand

Some people go to Thailand for the food. Others go to ride an elephant. Then there are people like you who visit to check out the wide biodiversity it has to offer. Popular species in Thailand include spiny turtles, coconut palms, hibiscus, clouded leopards, agile gibbons, and sun bears. In addition, Thailand features a whopping 7,000-plus known species of arthropods.


Our planet alone has incredible biodiversity. However, not everywhere you go will be heavily variant. If you do wish to scope a country having a large amount of biodiversity, you’ll definitely find it in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, India, Thailand, and  Indonesia. They’re all just a plane ticket away!