Blood Relation Questions – Tips and Techniques to Solve

Relationships, whether interpersonal or familial, are some of the most critical themes in logical reasoning. However, the pictorial depiction of the family lineage makes the problem simpler to resolve. It would be best to look for a blood relation question pdf.

A link or connection between two persons underlies all relationships. Therefore, a blood tie is a relationship between family members established by birth or blood.

The relationships that two people create with their families also change when they get married. Consequently, marriage creates a blood bond, which is what it is regarded to be.

Blood Relationship Types

In part, on general intellect and reasoning, there are three questions about blood relationships. As follows:

  • Family tree
  • Indicating a person
  • Equation-based

Family Tree:

The tree has a solid stem that branches out to produce leaves and deep, wide roots. Think of the roots as your ancestors in a family tree. The grandkids are the leaves, while the children are the branches. To explain lineage or pedigree, the family tree is visualised. Your blood tie with various family members is better understood with the help of this genealogical chart in the form of a tree.

Problems involving two family members are interested in a family tree blood tie. It would be best if you thoroughly understood the underlying ties that bind every family member to answer such inquiries.

Indicating a person

A person introducing or pointing to someone through discussion leads to these interpersonal issues. It would be helpful if you knew how the two people were related.


Symbols or codes, such as +,%, @,! $, etc., are employed in these connection issues to identify family members. You might solve the problems more quickly if you deciphered the symbols provided.

Resolving Issues with Blood Relations

  • Decide who the two individuals in the inquiry are and between whom the relationship should be determined first.
  • The next step is to list every connection between these two individuals and their gender.
  • The simplest solution to tackle the issue is to create a family tree structure that includes all the blood ties listed in the query. It aids in identifying the generations and roles of each family member. The relationships among family members can be shown using notations.
  • Use the graphical depiction to deduce the relationship between the two persons immediately.
  • First and foremost, unless expressly stated otherwise, do not infer a person’s gender from their name.
  • You should think of “Me” as the introducing person while answering questions based on a family tree or a dialogue.

Puzzle-Based Blood Relations Question

This question combines several inference-making techniques, including seating arrangements, problems with directions, statements and conclusions, and others. There have been a few questions on these topics in the NET test, but now that the exam is being administered online by NTA, there may be several.

The most crucial part is that there will be numerous questions based on the same set of instructions given in one question; if you draw the wrong family tree or visual diagram, the likelihood of making a mistake for every question is relatively high.


In general intelligence and logical thinking, issues with blood relationships are key themes. Many study resources are available online and offline to help you comprehend the ideas of relationships, including the blood relation question pdf. To resolve relationship issues, there are two essential prerequisites. To start, you need to be familiar with the fundamental terminologies of various family relationships. The ability to create family trees and gather data is also crucial.