Flowers – Which type do you send for which occasion?

It is common knowledge that different types of flowers have different meaning depending on the color. However did you know that there are also flowers for each month of the year, and specific flowers for specific holidays or occasions? Here’s a basic flower tutorial to help keep you sending the message that you mean to …

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Maternity Clothing

Must-Have Maternity Clothing

In the first trimester maternity clothing is far from your mind. Your baby is still so small the outward signs of pregnancy haven’t started to show. But by the time you reach the second trimester the need for a new wardrobe will become a priority. Maternity clothing isn’t just more comfortable once your belly starts …

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Fall Fashion Wish List For Moms

As you might have already guessed from the strong winds, heavy showers and morning mists – autumn is in full swing! Like any season it has its good points (beautiful colors, Christmas holiday excitement, hearty meals) and its not so good points (see aforementioned weather forecast). Make the most out of fall by investing in clothes that …

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