Champagne Tastes: How to Create a Luxury Bath for Less

You stare at your bathroom in disappointment. You just got back from vacation and the differences between your bath and the hotel are astounding. Time to redo your bathroom.

The problem is that you don’t have a lot of money to turn your bathroom into some type of luxury resort. What if we told you there are plenty of ways to get the look you want on a budget that’s friendly to your wallet?

To create a luxury bath for less all you need is a few basic tools, a device that can pull up DIY tutorials, and a dream. Keep reading for a few ideas on how to get started.

1. Use Light-Colored Paints 

The most basic trick you can do to add a bit of class to your bathroom is to slap on a new coat of paint. When you’re at the store picking out colors, always go for lighter ones. Painting your bathroom white and splurging on white accessories to go with it will get you that hotel resort look.

White is also a godsend for smaller bathrooms because it makes them look much larger then they are. The only problem with white is that it may make your bathroom look a little too cold.

If that’s your fear then you can use gray instead. Gray will go with about every fixture and countertop in your bathroom. Especially wood.

If you want a color that will make your bathroom look more like a spa then light aqua and blues will be the way to go.

2. Tile Diagonally 

Another way to open up space and make your small bathroom look larger is by tiling diagonally. It will also add a little bit of texture and interest to an otherwise dull space.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, tile is expensive. You can get off a lot cheaper if you buy the tile and do it yourself if you feel comfortable. There are plenty of tutorials you can look at online.

3. Use Plants

You’d be amazed at what adding a little plant life can do for your bathroom. Plants are colorful and add an interesting visual piece. Due to the fact that they draw the eye, they have the potential to make your bathroom look a little larger.

They also act as great natural air fresheners. You may feel a bit weird about putting live plants in your bathroom because of the heat and humidity.

Rest assured there are some plants that actually thrive in bathrooms. Boston ferns, aloe vera, and orchids are all great choices.

4. Classy Containers 

Keeping your handsoap in the container it came in doesn’t have the same flair as using a glass handpump. This can be said about most soaps and products that live on your bathroom counter.

Consider purchasing fancier containers and putting all your products in those. You can find tons of these gorgeous glass containers on Amazon or even at a dollar store.

5. Open Shelves 

Having a bunch of stuff scattered all over your bathroom counters isn’t a good look. You can clear up some space by adding in open shelves. This will allow you to fully utilize your vertical storage space.

It also gives you a place to display those plants we were talking about and any other pieces of interest you have for that matter.

6. Paint Your Furniture 

Flea markets and thrift stores are goldmines when it comes to finding furniture for your bathroom. Thing is, sometimes it doesn’t always go with the overall bathroom theme you’re going with. Either, that or they look a bit dingy.

One way to spruce up these fixer-uppers is to paint them. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint to turn an old dresser into a beautiful vanity.

7. Get New Towels 

Buying new towels is most likely the easiest thing you can do to freshen up your bathroom. You can find a wide array of inexpensive embroidered towels with colorful trim.

When you’re looking around for towels make sure you consider material. You can get regular cotton towels or you could get Turkish ones that are much softer and have more of a luxurious feel. Treat your self.

8. Unique Mirror 

A bathroom is nothing without a mirror. The larger the better. Not only do big mirrors catch the eye but they make any space they’re in look much larger.

Consider getting one that’s a unique color or shape to add even further visual interest. If the only mirror you can find is a rough edge one, you can put a frame around it. A frame will add a little touch of class while protecting the mirror.

9. Replacing Your Countertops 

Lastly, it’s time to freshen up your countertops. We’ve got plenty of bathroom countertop ideas that can help you out here. For one, look around for special offers from your nearest hardware stores.

Countertop materials will get pretty expensive otherwise. Having someone come in to install the material can be equally as expensive. If you feel comfortable you can look up a tutorial and do a DIY to add on to your savings.

Creating a Luxury Bath for Less in Your Home 

Do you want to turn your bathroom into something out of a hotel brochure? Creating this look doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. Use some of the tips you read here today to create a luxury bath for less and get the relaxation you deserve.

Did this article help you create the bathroom that you’ve always wanted? Check out our blog daily for even more helpful tips and tricks.