Classical or Personal Style for First ‘Good’ Watch?

Finally come around to the idea of investing in a good watch, have you? Congratulations! Before you get down to tackling the finer details of your monumental life-altering decision, a big round of applause is in order. You are officially bailing out of your juvenile delinquency (assuming you’ve either been relyi

ng on your cell phone or a substandard ticker to tell time so far, and quite frankly, I can’t say which is worse) and moving on to the better things in life. Bid goodbye to your cell phone and lousy tickers –both evils ranking in with an equally dismal attitude towards timekeeping— and get ready to welcome a whole new world of horology, done right!

Okay, I’ll admit the melodrama was a poor attempt to soften the blow of what comes next, but you can’t say I didn’t try. The decision to buy your first good luxury watch is about to change the nature of your very existence. And no, the drama here isn’t uncalled for, it’s absolutely legit! Wearing a watch isn’t just about keeping time, it’s a whole new lifestyle unto itself. With a good timepiece comes class, personality, maturity, confidence and a legacy. So the question of whether you should you go in for a classical choice or your personal style is no easy feat. The truth is, there’s no easy way to go about buying your first worthy watch. You can ogle at all the Rolex watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques all you want, and each luxury watch will appear more alluring than the next.

There’s no dearth of choices and the fact is, no guide advice can tell you which one to choose. Instead, what I’ll do is, I’m going to present you with a sound debate, and leave it to your best judgement to make the right choice for yourself. Spoiler alert –there is no secret mantra to figuring it out, so if you’re looking for a direct answer, I’ll tell you right here I don’t have one. But what I can offer is a dialogue to set you on the right path of self-discovery! So will it be classical favourite or personal choice for your first luxury watch? Let’s have out the debate!

Pro Classical: You might argue that a conservative or classic choice is impersonal for a first watch, but here’s the thing… A cliché is a cliché for a reason, am I right? Popular watches that make it to the collections of many are in no way ‘boring’, but just universally loved and appreciated –and that’s a good thing. Take your Rolex Submariners or all-time favourite Omega watches like the Speedmaster, for instance –they’ve earned their place in the hall of fame because they’ve got the features, specifications, aesthetics and design elements to show for it. Going for a classical choice, therefore, means that you value the respected qualities so integral to horology.

Pro Personal: For many, a watch communicates a personal identity. You extend a part of your personality to your watch. In that regard, going in for an unconventional model of your own choice is a good bet. When you make a more personal choice, your watch can really go a long way in saying a lot about you. Niche collections like diver or aviation Breitling watches, moto-inspired TAG Heuer models make for stellar first ‘nice’ watches for professionals, complete with a personal connect and significance.

Pro Classical: But on the other hand, a conventional choice doesn’t have to be of no personal significance, either. An educated selection based on valued horological features does have the potential to reflect who you are, too. It means you have chosen a reliable and trusted timepiece –a successful model that could be representative of your own success and thoughtful decisions. Choosing a popular dress watch from Cartier watches, for example, shows you know your watchmakers, and honour the Cartier legacy for its worth.

Pro Personal: Your first ‘good’ watch holds a lot of significance. It’s something that should inspire you, interest you, and satisfy you. You want to be able to look back to and know why this particular timepiece marked the beginning of your horological exploration. For an amateur, understanding the value of a classical piece might be complex. It may be simpler to rely on a personal taste to begin with –something you can identify with strongly.

Pro Classical: while a personal choice might reflect a person’s state of mind, personality, interests, and passions in a given moment in time, it could be a passing fad, a momentary choice. A classical choice, however, is timeless –therein lies the appeal itself, in a watch that will go the distance, without going ‘out of fashion’ or you ‘outgrowing’ it. It is something you can see yourself wearing, even in the far future. Classical watches also have the benefit of being more versatile and wearable across occasions and over time.

At the end of the day, there’s much that can be said to make either case –but the decision to adorn your wrist with the perfect first ‘good’ watch, lies in your own hands!