Clearabee: The Best Skip Hire Service Providers

Looking for the best skip hire service in the UK? Well, Clearabee is here to make your experience more comfortable and faster. The company offers fast, flexible, and efficient skip hire services in almost every region in the UK. Whether it’s a bulky or a light waste, it has the best solution to contain the waste effectively. Clearabee ensures you enjoy the following advantages by using their skip hire services.

Same Day Delivery

Clearabee pulls great effort in ensuring you get your skip bag delivered on the same day. Whether you have just decided to throw an abrupt party with little time to make an arrangement or you have received visitors who need a party at your place, the skip bags will be delivered in good time. The company lets you schedule pick-up dates at your convenience or place emergency orders.

Skip Hire Bags Come in Varying Sizes

The company tries to ensure that customers get value for their money and minimise on their costs. You don’t need to order a big skip bag when your rubbish is in a small amount. Clearabee offers different sizes to suit your immediate needs. The prices vary according to the size of the skip bag you hire. Small skip bags are mainly used to dispose of garden waste, compound soil, or light construction waste. However, customers who want to dispose of hazardous items are advised to contact the customer support before putting those items in the skip bag.

24 Hours Service

The company operates around the clock to make rubbish collection faster once your skip is filled up. The company starts working on your collection order immediately and will even make a collection at night hours. The company has a man and van service that makes rubbish collection easier and faster before it becomes a health hazard.

Man and a Van Service Experience

Clearabee does not require any specialised equipment and cranes to remove your filled skip bag. The company has a man and a van service that collects your skip bag from wherever they are. Most importantly, Clearabee does not require its customers to place their skip bags at the kerbside for pick-up. The man and van service will collect your skip bag from wherever it is provided the path is clear for them to carry the skip conveniently. However, it is always expected of you to place your skip bag at a convenient location for pick up.

Low Fixed Prices for Services

Free yourself from the rubbish using Clearabee’s waste removal services. The company offers extra services like physical tasks of filling up the skip bags at an extra cost. Customers who require extra services are advised to request for a quotation before the service is rendered. Worth noticing, the company allows you to make use of your money by letting you fill the skip bag to the brim, putting in as much rubbish as you can. The pricing is always discussed and availed to the customers to avoid misunderstandings during payment.

Varying Payment Options

The company accepts online payment methods on their site. You can use your credit/debit card comfortably without fear of losing your financial privacy to credit card fraudsters since the website is protected using modern technology for every transaction made. Frequent customers can join the loyalty program called “Beeloyal” to save up to 10% discount on the subsequent orders.

In conclusion, Clearabee is the best skip hire service provider for many reasons. Statistically, the company diverts up to ninety percent of what they collect from the landfill to keep the environment clean and free from non-biodegradable trash.