The Best Online Yoga in 2019

Glo offers some of the best online yoga classes available in 2019. For yoga, meditation and pilates, this service encompasses a variety of worthwhile techniques that are easily usable from home.

How Does it Work?

Glo provides a series of recorded training classes that can help you master different forms of yoga. For the best online yoga classes, these videos are exceptionally in depth. No matter what level you begin with, each 30 minute video demonstrates a safe and effective way to guide you through each pose.

Which Types of Yoga Classes are Offered?

There are several different types of online yoga classes offered through Glo.

The 12 Yoga Styles





Partner yoga




Tao Yin

Vinyasa flow


Yoga conditioning

A few of Glo’s best online yoga classes include Postnatal yoga, Vinyasa flow and Yoga conditioning. Because these classes vary in their ultimate goal, each class is unique to the individual enrolled. Postnatal yoga is designed to support women in their postpartum recovery in both a physical and emotional capacity. The Vinyasa flow class is perfect for someone who wants a broad range of yoga skills. Using meditation, breath is the key to linking positions together in a graceful flow. While mindfulness is utilized in all classes, yoga conditioning focuses on blending strength and functional mobility to create an inner sense of well-being. Yoga conditioning can help with cardiovascular fitness, agility and even confidence.

How Do Classes Work?

Depending on the type of yoga style chosen, there are a set number of online yoga classes offered. Glo provides the best online yoga classes for each subset of yoga so that no matter the class, each training session is a thorough representation of its style.

Each online training class ranges from 15-30 minutes long. There are several training classes depending on which yoga style is right for you.

How Many Yoga Levels are Available?

There are 3 main yoga levels. Depending on experience level, these classes vary from beginner to advanced.

Level 1 is for those who require the basic fundamentals of yoga. This beginning class is perfect for learning how to properly align the body as well as breathing techniques. Although many people who have never practiced yoga before start off at level 1, many advanced trainers find the class to be a helpful refresher.

Level 2 focuses on strength and stamina. While delving into the flexibility aspect of yoga, this class emphasizes rhythm and flow. During these classes, a “moving meditation” is used to guide balance both physically and mentally.

Level 3 offers advanced online classes for those who no longer need instructional poses. These classes are for yoga students who have obtained many years of experience. Level 3 instruction offers some of the best online yoga classes available for advanced study.


Glo provides a unique opportunity to learn yoga online. Through a variety of instructional classes, the chance to improve and master both the mind and body can be easily accomplished with dedication.