Debunking the Myth that Children Don’t Have Real Childhood’s

There is a fallacy that continuously follows parents around and that is the thought process that suggests children of this World don’t experience ‘proper’ childhoods as a result of technological advancements. For some unbeknown reason, many of society’s elders have projected concern that if a child isn’t climbing trees, jumping in rivers or making soccer posts from jumpers then they are less likely to succeed in the World. Nothing could be farther from the truth however and here are just a few reasons why this school of thought is folly.

Chicken and Egg


The truth is that this generation are the same as every generation of children that has ever existed, they are in the process of emulating the most recent generation while at the same time aiming to smash the latter generation’s achievement to smithereens. The reason behind the changing of children and their childhood’s are only a representation of what has been imposed on them from the generation above. This changing of childhood traditions may not be as it was 50 years ago, but it still falls in line with basic principles of parenting regardless of whether they are playing on their X-Box or inside a Sycamore Tree.

Technology Equals the Death of Humans

There is a genuine opinion that somehow the arrival of games consoles, smartphones, social media and the internet have somehow ruined our child’s lives before they have even begun.The truth is that whilst it should be encouraged that children have a mixture of childhoods that involve enjoying the outdoors and time with friends, improving their social skills and learning about and enjoying technology. Technology is not always a bad thing, of course if a child spends 10 hours per day on a games console then that is not good in any way shape or form and should be changed, but the trick is working with your children on this and not against it. Encourage them to use phone apps or games for educational purposes and give them time limits. Remember the importance of technology in helping your child’s life as well, not just when they use it, from online bargain shopping in places like My Voucher Codes to discovering places to take your children in the local area and finding out ways to educate your children online, technology is not the devil.

Freedom to Roam


It is pretty fair to say that we live in an altogether different and more dangerous World than we did 50 years ago and the old adage of ‘not being able to leave your front door open’ is unfortunately true. This change however does not mean that your children should be kept under lock and key and escorted to their friends house when they go. What it does mean however, is  that it is imperative to educate your children well on the do’s and don’t’s when they are playing outside. The use of a mobile phone when they are a little older is also a great way of keeping tabs on your child and gives them an option should they have an emergency. It is sad that kids can no longer spend 9 hours a day roaming their environment with friends like in the good old days but with careful management, your children can still have a happy childhood like they deserve.


The final piece of the ‘childhood has been lost’ puzzle is the intense pressure on children to grow up to fast. This pressure comes from magazines, TV shows, films and peers and whilst there is certainly more pressure on children in today’s world, the responsibility for the child falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Parents must educate their children well regarding outside influences, teach them not to be taking in by fads and crazes, give them a little freedom to be their own person and reign them in if they are trying to be too much too soon. It sounds easy but it is far from it and there are some influences that you simply can’t control, you just need to make sure that you have an open dialogue with your child at all times and help steer them towards a happy childhood.