Different Kinds of Faith

There are many different kinds of faith or religion that people might follow. Educating yourself on them does not mean that you are betraying your God or belief. Instead, it shows human compassion and respect for others. Since the dawn of time, people have had a variety of beliefs that they use to steer their moral compass, give life a sense of purpose and meaning, show their love for their deity, and allow them to understand what may occur after death.

Considering that you may meet people from all walks of life throughout your own, it is important that you acknowledge that other religions do exist, and can be just as important for those individuals as yours is to you. Some religions may also require dietary changes, which can require some foresight on your part should people of that denomination be attending a meal at your home. Either way, by letting yourself learn about different peoples, you can become a less judgemental and more understanding person overall.


Those who follow the Wiccan beliefs may descend from people who were once persecuted for this lifestyle. Otherwise, these may be individuals who have seen Wicca featured in the media, and taken their interest from there. While Wicca can feature witchcraft, there is a lot more to it. These people may use crystals and nature for healing and protection, find spiritual work e.g. offering a free psychic reading online, whilst overall striving to provide each other a safe community.

Those who practice Wicca also follow the main rule of ‘do no harm to others’, meaning it is a safe belief to follow, as opposed to a cult. Sadly, due to the historic prosecution that was related to witchcraft, it can still be highly misunderstood.


Taoism is a religion that originated in China in around 500BC, but is still practiced by people from a variety of counties today. Those who follow the Tao religion believe in harmony across the universe, including with all living inhabitants. They will worship in temples or monasteries, with ordained priests. Taoism is also where the idea of yin and yang originated, in that everything has an opposite, such as dark and light, or night and day, and that it is all connected.


Shinto is another religion that originated in Asia, however this time it comes from Japan. This religion is rooted in tradition, and believes in the spirits of the world coming in the form of water, wind, and other natural necessities. Shinto followers believe that all people become these spirits, or kami, when they die, and therefore contribute towards the life of others. Within this, nothing is ever deemed as perfect, or wholly right or wrong, so there is no unattainable level of worship or lifestyle that needs to be met.

Different religions can be created and followed throughout the world. Due to how diverse cultures now are, there can be many different faiths being followed in any given community. Opening your mind up to other beliefs, and respecting individuals who follow them, can be a great way for you to grow as a person.