Do You Need to Embalm a Body in Texas?

Some states require you to embalm a body by law before it can be buried. However, it is not the case in all. Is Texas one such state where you need to embalm a body? Let’s take a closer look.

The Rules in Texas

The short answer is no, you do not need to embalm a body in Texas. State law allows you to cremate, bury, or entomb a body without first embalming it, though there are some other considerations that have to be made.

It is a law that a body that is held over 24 hours must undergo some sort of preservative treatment. This can include embalming, but it can also refer to refrigeration or keeping the body in an odour and leakproof container.

It is also worth familiarising yourself with some of the other state laws regarding death and burial in Texas so you do not end up on the wrong side of the law in what might be quite an emotional time for you.

Choosing a Cremation

If you think that you might want a cremation ceremony to say goodbye to your loved one, there is no reason why you cannot choose one and then not opt for an embalming. Many people like the convenience and ease of a cremation, and it means that they do not have to focus on acquiring a burial plot or a space in a tomb.

Looking up cremations services close to you will tell you a little more about what to expect here, as it could be different as you go from county to county throughout our state. It is always worth it to double-check. After all, you might find that the cremations Fort Worth & Dallas Texas have to offer are slightly different from those you will find in Houston.

Open Casket

If you are going to be burying or entombing your loved one, you might wish to have an open cask ceremony before their internment. Choosing to embalm them beforehand can be a great choice.

An open casket ceremony is a thoughtful way to spend some final moments with your loved one. An embalmer will carefully ensure that your loved one looks their best before delivering them to you. It is a small extra step, but one that is most definitely worth it.

While you do not have to choose to embalm a body in the state of Texas, you should definitely consider it under certain circumstances. Those who wish to have a closed casket ceremony might not have to opt for an embalmment, though it is most definitely going to be a good choice if you want an open-casket service. Take the time to research whether or not this process is going to fit your loved one’s plans for burials. This is likely to be a difficult time for you, but the advice of your funeral director or even just a chat with some of your friends and family could help you to proceed.