Effortless Tips To Be A Dressy Dad After Forty

Dressing up is tricky for men because the options they have are far fewer than for women. It can get even more daunting once you cross the magic number of forty. You want to look stylish without going overboard, and achieving the balance can be a real challenge. Of course, you can seek help from your partner and kids, but they may have some wrong advice. But not all men can afford styling services. The good thing is that you can ace styling with a little guidance. Here are a few effortless tips to be a dressy dad after forty.

Consider the physical changes

Aging causes physical changes in men, and you will probably experience them, no matter how fit and toned you are. Dressing after forty means that you have to find ways to conceal the extra flab around your midriff and deal with sagging skin here and there. Great fits can do the trick, so reconsider your regular size because you may need to opt for a larger one. Also, stick with the clothes that work for your current body type.

Love your comfort

Besides looking for the best fits, you must love your comfort to look confident after forty. Nothing looks good unless you feel comfortable in your skin. So you must ditch the trends and celeb styles and opt for clothing that makes you feel easy. Comfort is more than finding perfect sizes. It is also about choosing the colors and styles that work for you, regardless of the occasion. 

Have fun with clothing

Just because you are over forty doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. Dressy dads can follow the graphic clothing trend to add a fun element to their wardrobe. Invest in a few graphic tees to ace casual styling like a pro. You can also wear them with a jacket or blazer for a semi-formal event. Remember that graphics aren’t only for youngsters, so be ready to experiment with the trend.

Stick with your personal style

Sticking with your personal style is the key to looking good regardless of your age. Avoid going overboard with experimentation, and stay true to styles you have always loved over the years. Opt for your favorite colors, cuts, and styles because you tend to look effortless in them. For example, you can stick with classics if you have always loved chic dressing. Leather boots are durable and timeless, it would be wise to add them to your wardrobe, be guided in finding the best boots, check Stride Wise.

Rework your wardrobe

The best way to look like a dressy dad after forty is to rework your wardrobe. Beginning with a closet decluttering spree is an excellent idea as it enables you to check the stuff you can use and things you must discard. You need not spend a fortune on a new collection. Embrace a capsule mindset, and invest in a few essentials to create different ensembles. Get your partner’s help while shopping and styling.

Looking dressy as a forty-plus dad need not be challenging. Follow your instincts and wear what you feel good in. Check these tips to achieve your sartorial goals without a lot of effort.