Finding Time to Exercise as a Parent

It can be hard to find time to exercise, and that is especially true of parents. On top of work, you’ve got a spouse to spend time with, dinner to make, free time to stay sane, and now a child to raise. How can you squeeze in time to work out with everything going on? You’ve got a few options.

Work with Your Partner

Part of a relationship is giving to each other, and this applies to making time to pump some iron. Regardless of if one partner is a stay-at-home parent or works from home, or if both of you go to an office during the day, each person deserves time to go burn some calories, and one way to help each other out is by handing off responsibilities. Schedule days where one or the other takes care of the children while the other goes to the gym or for a jog. This will give both partners a chance to accomplish their fitness goals without running into unpleasant arguments. It’s a fair way to handle the situation.

Exercise From Home

If things are just too hectic to leave to one person, another safe bet is to just exercise from home. If you have a spare bedroom you can throw down a yoga mat, place some dumbbells, install a pullup bar, or buy a stability ball. Put an extra tv or laptop in the room and use online workouts to follow along in a workout session. You can also go out to your yard to jump rope or do bodyweight exercises. The benefit of this method is that if your spouse needs help with something you’re only a room or two away, plus there is no drive to worry about and you can shower immediately after.

Incorporate the Kids

The kids are here to stay, so you might as well adapt to them! Find creative ways to work exercising and your kids into the same timeframe. Want to go for a walk? Grab the stroller and bring Jr. along! Is your kid old enough to play basketball? Buy a hoop for your driveway. Maybe they just want to play tag, and even that is enough to slice off the pounds little by little. Just be sure that you’re wearing comfortable shoes for all that cardio, otherwise, you might develop sore blisters or reddened bunions (if you notice that you’re starting to get bunions, visit for information on contacting a medical professional). Incorporating your kids into a workout is not an invitation to start biceps curling your baby, but it is a way to burn some fat while spending time with your family.

Ending Thoughts

You shouldn’t have to choose between working out and managing a family. These tips could make it easier for you to find time to do both, and if there’s another method that works better for you, then by all means pursue it. Whatever you can do to improve your overall health while tending to the needs of your family is a worthwhile endeavor.