How to Build Parent Trust at Your Child Care Center

Did you know that parents spend 42 billion on early child education and care? If you want to learn how to build trust with parents as a day care center owner, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how you can improve the reputation of your child care center.

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Are You Accredited and Licensed?

You will need to get accredited or licensed by your local government agency. This will communicate to parents that you hit a certain standard level.

Show your commitment to providing excellent child care by getting accredited. These things also show that you follow good practices.

Licensing’s another critical factor for most parents. Parents will often wonder why you haven’t gotten licensed.

Gather Reviews

Reviews will help you appear trustworthy to parents. Parents will spend time reading reviews before choosing a local child care provider.

Your business might already have some reviews on Yelp or Google. Make sure you invite happy clients to leave reviews.

Encourage customers to leave a review. This way, you’ll have a collection of various reviews for interested parents to browse.

Provide Honest Updates

You shouldn’t keep secrets from parents at the day care center. Even if you don’t have a positive update, you need to communicate things.

Otherwise, parents will draw their own conclusions, and rumors will spread.

You should own up to any mistakes that occur at the center. Explain how you’ll make sure it won’t happen again.

Invite Parents to Volunteer

Parents will feel reassured if they can volunteer or drop in at your daycare center.

Volunteering gives the parent a chance to learn more about your team. Parents will often feel reassured when they get a chance to watch the team interact.

Don’t compromise services by giving parents tasks that they aren’t trained to complete.

Remain Proactive

Make sure you’re organized and proactive with your center. You don’t want parents to feel like you’re disorganized. Avoid sending out last-minute messages.

Let parents know if they need to pick up new supplies. Communicate to the parents if you’re bringing in new staff.

You don’t want to keep surprising parents but instead, keep them in the loop.

Consider Sending Daily Reports

Another way to help build trust with parents is by sending them a daily report. You can explain what your child did throughout the day.

Explain the activities they participated in and what time they napped. You should also track how their child’s mood changed throughout the day. Provide information parents would find helpful.

If you want to start a daycare center, you should include this in your daycare business plan. Providing parents with updates will help build trust.

Build Trust at Your Child Care Center

We hope this guide on how to build trust with parents was helpful. As a child care center owner, you’ll need to create a positive reputation in the community.

Encourage happy clients to leave a review. Make sure you keep communicating with parents and let them know about any changes.

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