Five essential apps for working moms

Photo by Giftpundits

In today’s economic climate, juggling motherhood and work is the norm rather than the exception. Data published last year by the US Department of Labor showed that 70 percent of women with kids under 18 are working – and three quarters of them are in full-time employment.

Most of us have dreamed of someone inventing a cloning machine so that we can be in two places at the same time. It is probably for the best if that remains in the realms of fantasy, but technology has come up with some less dramatic, but still extremely useful, ways to help working moms face the challenges of being both a caregiver and a breadwinner in today’s society. Here are five of the best.

SuperSaaS puts everything in one place

Having different apps for mail, social media, shopping, banking, scheduling and messaging is great. But it can sometimes create as many problems as it solves. SuperSaaS is an integration-compatible appointment calendar that needs to be at the top of the downloads lists in order to keep everything else under control. This appointment and booking scheduler is an easy way for others to book and appointments and meetings with you throughout the year on a flexible calendar. By communicating with your various other apps and platforms, it acts like your own personal assistant.

Google Family Link helps you watch the kids

Whether you are in the office on the other side of town or simply at your desk while the kids are in another room, it is a fact of life in the online age that you need to keep a handle on what they are doing. Google Family Link provides an interface by which you can review and approve what the kids are downloading and using on their personal devices. It even provides useful metrics on how long they are spending online, and you can use it to automatically power things off when it is lights-out time.

Fayr – the app for the new family dynamic

There are plenty of working moms out there who are not just the main breadwinner and caregiver, they are the only one. Families come in different shapes and sizes, and for those who are divorced and separated, co-parenting brings its own challenges. The Fayr app is ideal for coordinating shared financing and childcare responsibilities such as contributions for school trips, pick up times and so on. It is currently available on iOS, and will soon be released on Android.

Bambino, for childcare emergencies

Neither parenthood nor career life are always predictable, and there will always be times when they clash. Bambino is an app that can be an absolute life-saver when you need safe and reliable childcare at short notice. It lets you search for registered babysitters by location, and the social aspect provides honest feedback and recommendations from other parents.

Chorsa helps to share the load

Of course, an app can only do so much, and sometimes the biggest help in getting through the day can be those little extra pairs of hands. Chorsa is great for sharing out the work, whether it’s putting out the trash, making the beds or walking the dog. It even allows family members to compete for points in a league table. Who needs a cloning machine when you’ve got a mini-me or two to help get everything done?