Karachi, and its unparalleled beauty


Founded as the village of college, in the beginning, the capital of Sindh (a province in Pakistan), is the most populous city in the nation. Population drastically increased after the arrival of the East India company. It even ranks as the sixth most populous city in the world. But the city also ranks as one of Pakistan’s premier financial and industrial hubs. In short, it is the nation’s cosmopolitan city. But that’s not all, as Karachi, located on the Arabian Sea also is an important transport hub with two of the country’s largest seaports- namely Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi. On the social front, Karachi is an ethnically diverse nation and this city of lights, once upon a time used to boast of an amazing nightlife.

If you want to explore this city for yourself, then you can get in through the city’s Jinnah International Airport which serves both domestic and international flights. There are non stop destinations throughout the world and so availing tickets, especially the cheapest Dubai to Karachi flights, the Cairo to Karachi or the Singapore to Karachi flights and more so is not difficult if you are doing the prior booking.

So now that you are here, let’s explore Karachi:

  • Take a look at Asia’s Largest Cross: Located in the sole working Christian cemetery in Karachi called Gora Qabristan Cemetery, this 140-foottall bulletproof cross is the result of a dream that came to Parvez Henry Gill. But the project almost didn’t come to fruition once the workers came to know what the structure actually was. Yet many stuck through and the ultimate result was a collaboration of Christian and Muslim communal efforts.
  • Visit Mazar-e-Quaid: In this mausoleum lies the remains of the founder of the nation- Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The structure is a blend of simple and yet striking. The building is lined with striking fountains which provides a serene aura to the place. The mausoleum also contains the remains of his sister Fatima Jinnah who was known as the mother of the nation as well as of Liaquat Ali Khan, who was Pakistan’s first Prime Minister.
  • Visit Mumtaz Begum: This is a half woman, half fox figure which tells stories from her cage in a Pakistani zoo for over four decades. The truth is actually that, it is a performer Murad Ali, who inherited the role from his father. So, if you want your fortune told by a famous charlatan, peep in here then.
  • Show your debating skills at Karachi Press Club: This has been around from 1958 as it was formed by a group of journalists in a Victorian manor. The club acts as the base of Pakistan’s first press club and is the ideal place for intense discussion and debate. From that small group of journalists, it now has about 1000members who promote Democratic ideals. There’s a chess room, a press conference room, bar and library in the KPC. This is one place for the free thinker and where various revolutionary ideas were born into. How to get an invitation in here? Simple, just convince them of your debating prowess.

Karachi is a land besotted with people who are stuck in between the old and the new, a land as old as time and its traditions are spiritual as well. If you would like a truly unique experience, then this is the place to head into.