Gifts for an Older Confirmation Kid

Confirmation is a religious ceremony. People in certain churches participate in the rite of confirmation to affirm their beliefs. The Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and Eastern Orthodox Churches that practice infant baptism have confirmation ceremonies.

During confirmation, confirmands go through the rite to reiterate their commitment to live as a Christian that they made during their baptism as an infant. It was once typical for confirmation ceremonies to occur when confirmands were 14 years old, but individuals can complete confirmation at the age of seven before taking First Communion. It’s common to give confirmands a confirmation process after their confirmation ceremony. If you’re shopping for an older confirmand, use these tips to help you come up with some great confirmation gift ideas.

The most common confirmation gifts are religious gifts.


People go through confirmation to verify their intent to live as a Christian. Since Christian beliefs are based on the Bible, one of the most common gifts for confirmation is a new Bible. You can choose from a variety of Bibles, including student Bibles and study Bibles. Bibles also come in different translations, including the King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), and New American Standard Bible (NASB). While illustrated Bibles are an excellent option for younger people who’re getting confirmed, older confirmands may appreciate a study Bible with resources that explain scripture.

If the person you’re shopping for already has a good Bible, another religious item could be the perfect gift. You could get them jewelry for example. A necklace and religious pendants, such as a confirmation cross, are something they can wear to commemorate their special day. You could also opt for a bracelet and pendants, or you could buy them a rosary.

You could opt to surprise the recipient with tickets to a special event.


Perhaps you’re shopping for an older teen who’s always wanted to see a favorite band in concert or go to a Broadway production. Their confirmation is an excellent opportunity for you to surprise them with event tickets. If you live in the city, you may only need to provide transportation and tickets to ensure they can attend the special event. If you don’t live in the city, you could plan a day or weekend trip, including covering the cost of transportation, accommodations, food, and tickets. You may also take them to see the show or pay for an adult to accompany them.

Older confirmands may appreciate something practical for their confirmation.


Although most people opt to give religious gifts as confirmation presents, you can opt for something age-appropriate and practical, such as a used car. Thanks to Auto Auction Mall, it’s easy to buy second-hand cars online. You can shop for used cars for sale in Ghana and find an affordable vehicle that will meet the gift recipient’s needs. Whether you’re shopping for a Toyota, a BMW, or a Nissan, online dealerships make it easy to locate various vehicles and vehicle models.

Online dealerships provide crucial information to help you navigate the process of buying and importing a vehicle. You can find out about regulations that apply to imported vehicles and how much you’ll pay in tariffs. You can also use their tips to bid for a vehicle during an auction, potentially enabling you to save money on your purchase.

Other gift occasions may influence your choices.


Confirmation typically precedes First Communion, and you may plan to give the gift recipient a First Communion gift in addition to a confirmation gift. In this case, it’s a good idea to consider how much time there’ll be between their confirmation and the first time they take Holy Communion. If the two events are close together, you may choose to get the recipient one more significant present. You could opt to buy complimentary gifts. For example, perhaps you’ll buy them a new smartphone for their confirmation and use some of their photos to produce custom wall art for their First Communion gift.

A confirmation present is a great way to support someone who’s affirming their commitment to their faith. Common confirmation gifts include religious gifts, such as Bibles. You can also opt to surprise the recipient with jewelry, event tickets, or a used car. You may also opt to combine their confirmation present with their First Communion gift.