Great Cross Breed Dogs for Families

Buying a dog for your family is a big step. You and your pet are going to enjoy a lifelong relationship that will last for up to 20 years, so choosing the right type is extremely important.

In the past, most people opted to buy a pedigree dog. They liked the fact that when they picked a puppy they would have a fair idea of what it would look like once it was fully grown.

Dogs like the German Shorthaired Pointers are great hunters and may be perfect for an active family!

The fact that each breed displays certain characteristics is also welcome because it means that you have a good understanding of how the dog is likely to behave, and how much work it would take to keep it happy and healthy. This is understandable; however, it is important to understand that there are a few problems associated with buying and owning purebred dogs.

Pedigree dogs are expensive to buy

Buying a pedigree dog is expensive. Most cost hundreds or thousands to buy, which means that many families cannot afford to own them.

They can be expensive to own

They can also cost a lot of money to keep. Unfortunately, pedigree dogs are a target for thieves, so are often more expensive to insure.

Pedigree dogs can be prone to health issues

In addition, with some breeds there is a higher than average risk that they will suffer from health issues. For example, German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia and Jack Russell Terriers are more likely to develop glaucoma than most other breeds are. You can read more about the various breeds that have a higher risk than average of developing certain diseases, on this page.

By buying a crossbred dog, you can avoid most of the above issues. They cost less to buy, and have fewer inherited health issues, so are often cheaper to keep.

Most crossbred dogs are smaller

Right now, most breeders crossing popular larger dogs like the Labrador and cocker spaniel with smaller breeds like the Yorkie and the Pug. The resulting dogs are typically mid-sized, which makes them easy to look after, as well as more robust.

When you buy a crossbred dog, you still know what you are getting yourself into, in advance. Because they are drawn from the same gene pool combination one Cockerpoo looks, and behaves, much like another. Therefore, when you buy this type of puppy you have a fair idea of what your dog will be like once it has become an adult. Whereas if you buy a mongrel puppy you never really know what they will turn out like until they have finished growing.

How to find out more

The next time you come across a cross breed puppies for sale sign it really is worth stopping and talking to the kennel owner about their dogs. Doing so will allow you to ask questions about each type, and find out which crossbreed is likely to be right for your family. Right now, the breeders are definitely the best source of information about these relatively new dog varieties.