Happy Paws: 10 Tips To Becoming A Responsible Dog Owner

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Dogs will not only shower you with unconditional love, but they can also be the perfect companions for when you’re feeling a little blue and you need a bit of change to brighten up your life. These big furry animals with wet noses can offer comfort and alleviate your worries. Some research even suggests that merely petting a dog can help decrease your stress levels, blood pressure, improve heart health and physical activity.

I mean, how can someone resist a smiling face and a wagging tail, right? They are not only good for your health, but they are also excellent watchdogs.However, owning a dog is almost the same as taking care of a newborn child. Certain dogs, especially thick-furred pets, should be maintained appropriately. Taking care of a dog can indeed be fun, but there’s a lot you need to know about owning a dog, including why dog training needs to be factored into – read more here about why that is important.

It would help if you were ready to splurge for your dog with its frequent vaccinations,  food, grooming, parasite control, and overall general care. If it’s your first time getting a dog, then you’re in luck! There’s a lot you need to know about owning a dog; here are 15 of the things in store for you when you  decide to adopt these friendly creatures.

Invest in a durable collar

A good quality collar is essential for identification. It is significant, especially in cases where they get lost and are yet to be trained. Collars will help identify where and who they belong to. It’s also good to make sure that it fits best for your dog to avoid neck strain and for it to fall off.

Check them for fleas and ticks

It’s pretty common for some dogs to have fleas and ticks but it should never be tolerated for it can cause a number of skin conditions. Having flea bites on dogs might be the cause of certain allergic reactions such as severe itching,loss of hair, irritated skin and more. To prevent those symptoms from appearing, you can check with your veterinarian and  look for remedies if ever such occurrences happen.

Consider dental care

Good dental care for your dogs will prevent many dental problems such as bacteria build-up. A veterinarian should regularly check their teeth and gums to avoid periodontal diseases. Just like us humans, we don’t particularly like it when we experience a toothache, and so, to help your poor dog from whining because of damaged teeth, go to the nearest veterinarian to get them checked out. 

Purchase good chew toys

If you’re going to own big dogs, it’s best to purchase toys that are chew-proof and swallow-proof. Good quality chew toys promote dental health and prevent them from chewing on other things like your newest sneakers. Some even say that it can help relieve dogs’ stress and anxiety.

Stray away from toxic plants

There are certain plants that you should probably get rid of for the sake of your pets. Aloe Vera, daffodils,poison ivy, oak and other toxic plants should not be within reach of your dogs.

Get them to exercise

It is very much essential for a dog to get their daily dose of exercise. This is to prevent certain illnesses from occurring. This is actually great if you’re into working-out, you’ll be enjoying your routine while being swooned with the presence of your new adorable gym buddy.

List down the toxic foods

Foods that humans commonly take aren’t particularly okay for dogs to consume. Food like chocolate, macadamia nuts, and avocado will potentially cause danger to your dog’s health, and it is best to keep these types of food deep into your shelves.

Train them as soon as possible

At the early stages of your puppy, it is recommended to teach them some tricks to practice their being obedient. You can start with the easiest tricks and level up your training day-by-day to exercise your dog’s mental capacity.

Proper nutrition is key

Giving your dog a diet that sustains all their needs is important in order to boost their immune system and enhance their health in the long run. The amount of food you give to them also depends on their size. Giving them too much food can also cause many health complications especially that some dogs are prone to obesity.

Shower them with love and affection

Providing your dog with the affection they need is just as important as their basic daily necessities. Showering them with love is a great way to form a bond and trust between both you and your pet.


A dog is a man’s best friend, they will be spending their whole life with you and it’s only right to offer them the best kind of treatment we can give. They are the most loyal of all creatures; they know no bounds, hence if you’re planning to adopt or own a dog, you should be ready to take the responsibility that comes with it .