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Since the last few days, we have heard about the lockdown due to the pandemic. Birthdays, parties, get together, family occasions, almost everything has been on hold, and people are bound to stay at home in the name of lockdown to remain safe. Many of us are depressed as we are not allowed to celebrate our birthdays, even marriage ceremonies have been canceled till the lockdown dissolves. How about celebrating your birthday without violating the rules of the state. For some celebrating their birthday is a huge deal because they get an excuse to party hard once in a year. However, when the birthday comes in between the lockdown, then how you are supposed to celebrate it? Curious to know how? So let’s dive into the details of how it is possible to maintain social distance and make our special day amazing. Following are some brilliant ideas suggested by the people who are still having fun at their places:

  1. Celebrate Online:

You might be celebrating birthdays recently with your friends or family; now, due to current circumstances, it might be a little tricky to do. We cannot do grand celebrations, but we are convinced that we cannot let our special day go without any celebration. Moreover, everyone could use some positivity in this stressful situation. So how about celebrating your birthday with your friends and family online like a virtual party. You can decorate your room and get your friends online. By this, you will be able to get wishes and fun staying at home during the quarantine. Once the lockdown is over, you have the freedom to celebrate it at any bar or restaurant.

  1. Plan A Dinner:

If you are stuck at lockdown and you want to celebrate your birthday, you need to add fun to your day. You have a lot of experiments to do. Mostly we have a grand celebration at a restaurant or night out with friends and roommates, but this time you may have to stay at home. Never mind if it is a lockdown. You have much more to do other than getting bored at home. All you need to do is, get your cell phone, call someone, ask for some quick recipes, and start cooking. Make yourself a 3-course meal and celebrate your birthday with lots of music and fun. In this lockdown and financial crunch, you can get discount party supplies from the nearby stores where they are offering by one get one free.

  1. Drinks All Night:

Let’s accept that we all are occasional drinkers and enjoy having a beer at parties, and birthday without alcohol is not even considered a party. How about keeping it slightly simple this time? You can have a self-made fizzy cocktail like fruit martini or mojito. This is how you can add fun to your special day by proving your cocktail making capabilities. Once the issue of lockdown settles, you can call upon your buddies and amaze them with the best of your art. Meanwhile, let’s have fun by making a new drink every few hours because after all, it is your day.

  1. Open Stage Concert:

Another brilliant idea for celebrating your birthday in a lockdown is to plan a rock concert at your place. You must be thinking how it is possible, so we have two ideas for you. One is that you make a playlist of your favorite songs and enjoy them with drink and have a party at your place, or else you can make it a concert by getting your friends online and sing songs with them to have real fun. Singing songs online is hilarious, I must say. Even you can go live on your social media platforms to add on people to celebrate your birthday with you and maintain social distance.

  1. Throw A Party:

If you have a pool at your place, then we have an amazing idea for you. You do not have to worry about the lockdown. You can set up a pool party, play rocking music, and dance at the poolside. Along with music and dance, you can add some food, drinks, and whatnot. If you are fond of making videos, then you can also make few tik tok videos and chill. If you do not have a pool, not to worry anyhow, you can celebrate your birthday with lots of cupcakes, candles, chilly lights much more.

  1. Gifts And Giveaways:

Birthday seems to be boring if there are no gifts and giveaways for you and your friends equally. In the days of lockdown, people must be curious to know how we can get our friends giveaways of the birthday. So here is a mind-blowing idea, how about getting them a subscription of WebPages like Netflix which will be loved more than any other gift. They will love the idea and will never forget your birthday in the future as well. Even you can ask them for the subscription of their choice to get them engaged in your birthday celebration as well. You can also have Netflix Party with your squad and stream a movie together.


Commonly, all of us are very much excited about our birthdays, that we will do this and we will do that, but this lockdown has been the party pooper. No hugs, no wishes, no games, no kisses, nothing at all. But that is only for the people who haven’t gone through our details. You must be feeling excited about the ideas that you can execute to celebrate your birthday even in the lockdown without hampering the rules of lockdown.