Hoping for a hassle free holiday with the kids? Read this first!

We all know that travelling with the kids to get to our holiday destination is something we usually have to brace ourselves for every year. But sometimes even planning our annual holidays can seem like an impossible task. How do we keep the kids happy? Is a week too long? How can we keep their routine in check? How can we avoid temper tantrums?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only parent with these concerns! Why not check out the ideas below of how you can achieve a hassle free holiday with the kids, that everyone will enjoy?

Your travel insurance

Did you know that many people still don’t invest in travel insurance before they go away? It’s a pretty dangerous game to play, even more so if you’re travelling abroad with your children. Everyone should know why they should have travel insurance and why insurance is important if you lose your medication while abroad. Be smart and get you and your loved ones a policy before you travel.


You know what they say: fail to plan and you plan to fail! The same applies to planning your trip. There’s nothing worse then heading to a new destination and having no idea what to expect. So, do your homework. See what local attractions are around or see if your hotel has any child-friendly activities or entertainment. By planning ahead, you can easily fit these things into your holiday itinerary and your budget.

Only bring what you need and get the kids involved

If you’re travelling into Europe then chances are that you’ll be able to find a lot of your home comforts there, so don’t worry about packing everything your child likes. While packing their suitcase, get them involved. Which t-shirt don’t they want to take? Let them choose their beach towel, and then that way, if something is forgotten, they won’t make a huge fuss about it!

Take your time

When on holiday, it’s not unusual to want to cram in as many activities and sights as possible during the day, then head out for a slap-up meal on the evening. But this doesn’t always bode well with children. The key thing to remember, is that you’re on holiday, so it’s important that everyone takes time to relax and even time out from each other. Set the pace to what your youngest child can handle, and maybe even set aside a few hours of colouring, reading, napping or just relaxing by the pool or in your hotel room – then you can be ready for round two!

Time out

Leading on from this, it’s also important to remember that even though you might be a very close family unit, being in each other’s company for a straight one or two weeks can get a little intense for everyone. If you and your partner fancy a meal out one evening, then see what baby-sitting facilities the hotel provides. The kids will enjoy some time away from the same company too – for a little while anyway!