Positive Parenting: Why You Should Laugh More with Your Kids

While much has been written about the healthy aspects of laughing, little is being said about just how healthy it is to laugh with your kids. There are actually several benefits of injecting humor into your lives and sometimes you can teach some of life’s most difficult lessons by helping your kids learn when laughing is appropriate and when it isn’t. You can also teach them how some jokes can be cruel and how to respond when others make fun of them. As someone who believes in positive parenting, you should know why it’s so important to spend time laughing with your kids.

Laughter Builds an Appreciation for Subtle Nuances in Languages

Some jokes develop a higher level of understanding, as our kids begin to learn the subtle nuances of some jokes. Sometimes, things aren’t funny unless you understand them in the context in which they are told. Some jokes are like ordinary statements unless they are so out of place there is humor in how they are stated.

The Importance of Appropriateness

There are times when jokes are totally inappropriate. For example, it is unkind to laugh at people who are less fortunate than you and it is also inappropriate to laugh at disabled, disfigured, or elderly people. We can teach our children much about respecting the plight of others by teaching them the difference between laughing at a situation and laughing at a person. For example, we can laugh at someone who has ungracefully slipped and fallen, but it is totally inappropriate to laugh at someone who was injured in the fall.

Family Bonding Brought About Laughter

When browsing sites like lolhit.com, you can find a huge number of pictures, memes, and phrases which are meant to be shared and some can quickly go viral when posted on social media sites. Take time to look at funny pictures and funny movies with your kids. You might even want to put a new twist on that old proverb. It is said that a family that prays together stays together, but taking that a step further, a family that laughs together stays together as well. Laughing with your kids forms an indelible bond which is hard to erase. Those fun times are the times your kids will always cherish.

Learning to Laugh It Off

Finally, there is one very important lesson laughter can teach your children. The fact is, some people are simply cruel. Whether they are cruel by nature or have been raised in a cruel environment, their jokes can be quite hurtful. Teaching your kids to shrug off attempts at cruel jokes can help them defend themselves when being personally attacked. It also teaches them that making a joke at another’s expense is also cruel. If your kids can learn to laugh off the attempts of others to belittle or bully them, they will live a better quality of life during those formative years and beyond.

If you are looking to raise a healthy, happy family, listen to the doctor. Laughter really is the best medicine to give your kids a healthy dose each and every day.