How to be a successful leader by Steven Scansaroli

Steven Scansaroli is known for his vigorous and successful leaderships style in the field of operations, business development finance and sales in multimillion-dollar fields.

He has several graduate qualifications starting with a BA in Behavioral Science and Economics from Drew University, an MS in Human Resources and Organization development from the University of Scranton, and an advanced certificate in Human Resources form Rutgers University.

These are his top tips to becoming a successful leader:

Be confident but never arrogant – a great leader is very self-assured and has a lot of self-belief. Employees become drawn to them as people who will always know the answers and will determine the best course of action.

A good leader will be a persuasive communicator. They will implant an idea and make you feel that you have been a big part of the decision-making process.

A respectable leader will be available not anonymous. They will be sensitive and intuitive and will genuinely care for people’s welfare. They will be there when people are going through troubling times and they will always want to hear your news and care about your health.

A successful executive will be determined and resilient, they won’t give up easily and will  see a task through to fruition, unless it makes great business sense not to.

It is by no accident that a positive leader will take responsibility for their team’s performance and they will not pass the blame. When things are going well they will praise their team. They will never take the praise for ideas that were made by other team members. When things go astray they will be very positive and proactive at getting things back on track. They will try to avoid apportioning blame for reduced sales or ridiculing people for mistakes as this is not conducive to success.

They will keep up to date with what is around them including Social Media posts on sites such as Facebook for any issues and they will search on forums for feedback.

Natural leaders will be optimistic and jolly. They will have an effervescent nature with enthuses others to work hard and to strive for success. If you are a genuinely happy go lucky, glass is half full person you can be an asset in the work environment especially when things go wrong or when you are extremely busy as your style will suit most people. You will be able to tell when your team need a bit of a pep talk or morale boost and you will be able to excite and inspire your team back to success.

A successful leader will be honest and consistent. They will use this honesty to the team’s advantage as they will ask others what is wrong, and they will expect them to be honest in return.

A remarkable leader will be organized and together always. They will have planned ahead and already thought about any pitfalls of their plans, ensuring that procedures are in place to combat these. They will be approachable daily. They will be analytical thinkers who see the whole picture. They will think with both their head and their heart as both are qualities required by an effective people manager.