How to look after the older generation as well as the younger generation of your family

As your parents and the older generation of your family looked after you while you were growing up, it often only feels right that you should help them once they require more help during their later years. The only problem is with a busy work life, social life and parental life, it can be hard to find time to properly look after them. If you find you’re worrying about not being able to give your loved one enough time and attention, here are some ways you can help your loved ones as they grow older.

Seek extra support if needed

You might think the best person to look after your parents, your partner’s parents or even other older relatives is yourself. You know all of their personality traits, their favorite things as well as their bad habits, and can use all this knowledge to best look after your loved one. The only problem is while you’re looking after your own child it’s often hard to find time to care for an elderly relative as well.

Often the best decision you can make to look after an elderly relative is to ask for help. Many people are reluctant to go into a nursing facility because they think they will restrict the number of things they’ll be able to do. In fact, most if not all of these preconceptions are myths and facilities like these actually help your loved one live a much fuller life. The trained staff are best placed to spot any problems in their health and treat them, so you can rest assured that there is someone there to keep an eye on them throughout the day.

Take them for regular check ups

As your loved ones get older, they may develop a number of health conditions that they didn’t have earlier on in life. Some of these are hard to spot. You might even put the symptoms down to minor ailments like a cold, tiredness or even old age. It’s important to regularly take them for a medical check-up so you can check whether these symptoms are being caused by something much more serious. While you feel like you might be wasting a doctor or nurses’ time, you could be making their job a lot easier if you allow them to diagnose and begin treating the condition as early as possible.

Teach them how to use the latest technology

For some of the older generation, learning how to use the latest technology is the last thing they want to be spending their time doing. Devices like tablet computers or mobile phones can be very daunting to anybody who hasn’t used them before.

With a little practice, they could open a wealth of possibilities to anybody who uses them. This can include anything from video conferencing to receiving photos from their children and grandchildren. You can even get apps installed on their phone that allow you to track your loved one to make sure they get home safe.