How to Replace Loose Blades in a Garbage Disposal

A good Garbage disposal system can be a lifesaver for the modern mom. Without one, clearing up after meal times can take much longer and be much more intensive process. After slaving away at the stove, preparing meals for your children, it is easy to lose the energy and willpower required to properly clean things up afterward. A garbage disposal makes it as easy as scraping plates clean over your sink and letting the system do the rest of the work. In short, garbage disposals are fantastic, as long as they’re working, of course.

One of the most common issues encountered with garbage disposals is that of the blades inside becoming loose. This is an issue that can arise from the wear and tear of normal use and is fortunately nice and easy to fix. The guide below breaks the process down into simple steps that anyone can cope with. Even if you don’t consider yourself a competent DIY enthusiast and wouldn’t usually consider trying to fix something like this yourself, you shouldn’t be afraid of trying.

Unplug the Disposal

As always, safety is the most important thing! Make sure that you unplug the disposal before your fingers go anywhere near the blades. Garbage disposals are usually plugged in beneath the sink. For many systems, there is a switch that can be used to switch the system off, but if you can unplug it entirely then you should. Once you have done so, try turning it on to ensure that it doesn’t start.

Place a Bucket

Placing a bucket beneath the sink to catch any water that drips out while you are working. It isn’t the end of the world if some water spills, of course, but the bucket will make life easier.

Unscrew the Disposal

You will need a pipe wrench for the next part. First, unscrew the drain pipe from the side. Once you have done that, you then need to unscrew the disposal itself from the drain. Be careful when handling the disposal, as dropping it on your foot could cause injury.

Remove and Replace the Blades

It is now time to remove the blades. First, you should unbolt the blades in your garbage disposal. You might find it helpful to use a cloth or towel to help maintain your grip while loosening the bolts. Once the blades have been removed you can then place new ones in and bolt them into place.

It is advisable to use stainless steel blades as replacements, as these are more durable and of a generally higher quality. If you are finding that you are having to regularly replace the blades then you should consider whether it might be more appropriate to buy a new, more powerful unit. This guide from can help you to decide which size motor you need for your home.

Replacing the blades in your garbage disposal is, fortunately, a simple and straightforward task.